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Meaning of al-aksa martyrs brigades

Al-aksa martyrs brigades means: A militant offshoot of al-Fatah that is the newest and strongest and best equipped faction active in the West Bank; responsible for many deadly attacks in Israel in 2002 Anagram/scrabble cheat for Saatg askradrlieryms a-b

Meaning of alumna

Alumna means: A person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university) Anagram/scrabble cheat for Amlanu

Meaning of andrew lloyd webber

Andrew lloyd webber means: English composer of many successful musicals (some in collaboration with Sir Tim Rice) (born in 1948) Anagram/scrabble cheat for Wylr n obwdrleaedbe

Meaning of antiprotozoal

Antiprotozoal means: A medicinal drug used to fight diseases (like malaria) that are caused by protozoa Anagram/scrabble cheat for Iatlopatoonrz

Meaning of apium

Apium means: Celery Anagram/scrabble cheat for Muiap

Meaning of english channel

English channel means: An arm of the Atlantic Ocean that forms a channel between France and Britain Anagram/scrabble cheat for Hsng ilncnehlae

Meaning of famous

Famous means: Widely known and esteemed Anagram/scrabble cheat for Maufos

Meaning of homicide

Homicide means: The killing of a human being by another human being Anagram/scrabble cheat for Cdeomihi

Meaning of latex paint

Latex paint means: A water-base paint that has a latex binder Anagram/scrabble cheat for ittxpalane

Meaning of maximilien paul emile littre

Maximilien paul emile littre means: French lexicographer (1801-1881) Anagram/scrabble cheat for Pmmliiuaelli lixr mieet naet

Meaning of moo goo gai pan

Moo goo gai pan means: A Cantonese dish of chicken and sauteed vegetables Anagram/scrabble cheat for Oogp oomga n ia

Meaning of national association of realtors

National association of realtors means: A United States association of real estate agents which follows a strict code of ethics Anagram/scrabble cheat for At erinooassloniasnoaoit fcrt al

Meaning of ninepins

Ninepins means: A bowling game that is played by rolling a bowling ball down a bowling alley at a target of nine wooden pins Anagram/scrabble cheat for Nipinnse

Meaning of pickerelweed

Pickerelweed means: American plant having spikes of blue flowers and growing in shallow water of streams and ponds Anagram/scrabble cheat for Epwkriledece

Meaning of pullulate with

Pullulate with means: Exist in large quantity Anagram/scrabble cheat for La iwthepuultl

Meaning of quercus texana

Quercus texana means: Small deciduous tree having the trunk branched almost from the base with spreading branches; Texas and southern Oklahoma Anagram/scrabble cheat for Rnetx seaacuqu

Meaning of republic of uganda

Republic of uganda means: A landlocked republic in eastern Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1962 Anagram/scrabble cheat for Adnclfugou abirpe

Meaning of saimiri

Saimiri means: Squirrel monkeys Anagram/scrabble cheat for Irmiisa

Meaning of sarah kemble siddons

Sarah kemble siddons means: English actress noted for her performances in Shakespearean roles (1755-1831) Anagram/scrabble cheat for Nse hlaasrmdsbk doie

Meaning of so long

So long means: A farewell remark Anagram/scrabble cheat for Gnsoo l

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