Words ending with twilson

Meaning of 8vo

8vo means: the size of a book whose pages are made by folding a sheet of paper three times to form eight leaves

Meaning of Alfred edward woodley mason

alfred edward woodley mason means: English writer (1865-1948)

Meaning of Amortise

amortise means: liquidate gradually

Meaning of Back exercise

back exercise means: exercise designed to strengthen the back muscles

Meaning of Days

days means: the time during which someone's life continues

Meaning of Desmodium purpureum

desmodium purpureum means: West Indian forage plant cultivated in southern United States as forage and to improve soil

Meaning of Family squatinidae

family squatinidae means: bottom-dwelling ray-like sharks

Meaning of Feodor mikhailovich dostoevsky

feodor mikhailovich dostoevsky means: Russian novelist who wrote of human suffering with humor and psychological insight (1821-1881)

Meaning of Go by

go by means: be or act in accordance with

Meaning of Go by

go by means: be called; go by a certain name

Meaning of Go by

go by means: move past

Meaning of Go by

go by means: pass by

Meaning of Monosyllable

monosyllable means: a word or utterance of one syllable

Meaning of Neurofibromatosis

neurofibromatosis means: autosomal dominant disease characterized by numerous neurofibromas and by spots on the skin and often by developmental abnormalities

Meaning of Northern alliance

northern alliance means: a multiethnic alliance in Afghanistan who practice a moderate form of Islam and are united in their opposition to the Taliban

Meaning of Provoker

provoker means: someone who deliberately foments trouble

Meaning of Remorseless

remorseless means: without mercy or pity

Meaning of Rent out

rent out means: grant the services of or the temporary use of, for a fee

Meaning of Search engine

search engine means: a computer program that retrieves documents or files or data from a database or from a computer network (especially from the internet)

Meaning of Stove

stove means: any heating apparatus

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