Words ending with om

Meaning of Pore mushroom

pore mushroom means: woody pore fungi; any fungus of the family Polyporaceae or family Boletaceae having the spore-bearing surface within tubes or pores; the fruiting bodies are usually woody at maturity and persistent

Meaning of Powder room

powder room means: a woman's restroom in a public (or semipublic) building

Meaning of Power loom

power loom means: a loom operated mechanically

Meaning of Princedom

princedom means: territory ruled by a prince

Meaning of Princedom

princedom means: the dignity or rank or position of a prince

Meaning of Prom

prom means: a formal ball held for a school class toward the end of the academic year

Meaning of Prosom

prosom means: a frequently prescribed sleeping pill (trade name ProSom)

Meaning of Pump room

pump room means: a pump house at a spa where medicinal waters are pumped and where patrons gather

Meaning of Push broom

push broom means: a wide broom that is pushed ahead of the sweeper

Meaning of Random

random means: lacking any definite plan or order or purpose; governed by or depending on chance

Meaning of Bechamel sauce

bechamel sauce means: milk thickened with a butter and flour roux

Meaning of Benzoyl radical

benzoyl radical means: the univalent radical derived from benzoic acid

Meaning of Covalency

covalency means: valence characterized by the sharing of electrons in a chemical compound; the number of pairs of electrons an atom can share

Meaning of Diaeresis

diaeresis means: a diacritical mark (two dots) placed over a vowel to indicate that it does not form a diphthong with an adjacent vowel

Meaning of Fletc

fletc means: a center in the Department of Homeland Security that trains law enforcement professionals for more than seventy federal agencies

Meaning of Galicia

galicia means: a region (and former kingdom) in northwestern Spain on the Atlantic and the Bay of Biscay

Meaning of Genus nierembergia

genus nierembergia means: genus of tropical American erect or creeping herbs with solitary flowers

Meaning of Genus steganopus

genus steganopus means: a genus of Phalaropidae

Meaning of Inquest

inquest means: an inquiry into the cause of an unexpected death

Meaning of Isobar

isobar means: (meteorology)an isogram connecting points having equal barometric pressure at a given time

Meaning of Limply

limply means: without rigidity

Meaning of Makaira

makaira means: marlins

Meaning of Painted

painted means: having sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly

Meaning of Painted

painted means: lacking substance or vitality as if produced by painting

Meaning of Painted

painted means: coated with paint

Meaning of Painted

painted means: having makeup applied

Meaning of Rowel

rowel means: a small spiked wheel at the end of a spur

Meaning of Sewing machine

sewing machine means: a textile machine used as a home appliance for sewing

Meaning of Sunny-side up

sunny-side up means: (eggs) fried on only one side

Meaning of Unbox

unbox means: remove from a box

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