Words ending with om

Meaning of Nonrandom

nonrandom means: not random

Meaning of Ocean bottom

ocean bottom means: the bottom of a sea or ocean

Meaning of Officialdom

officialdom means: people elected or appointed to administer a government

Meaning of Operating room

operating room means: a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations

Meaning of Oriental black mushroom

oriental black mushroom means: edible east Asian mushroom having a golden or dark brown to blackish cap and an inedible stipe

Meaning of Oyster mushroom

oyster mushroom means: edible agaric with a soft greyish cap growing in shelving masses on dead wood

Meaning of Parallel axiom

parallel axiom means: only one line can be drawn through a point parallel to another line

Meaning of Parasol mushroom

parasol mushroom means: edible long-stalked mushroom with white flesh and gills and spores; found in open woodlands in autumn

Meaning of Peeping tom

peeping tom means: a viewer who enjoys seeing the sex acts or sex organs of others

Meaning of Phantom

phantom means: something existing in perception only

Meaning of Adrift

adrift means: afloat on the surface of a body of water

Meaning of Adrift

adrift means: aimlessly drifting

Meaning of Adrift

adrift means: off course, wandering aimlessly

Meaning of Adrift

adrift means: floating freely; not anchored

Meaning of Ammotragus

ammotragus means: genus of wild sheep

Meaning of Amylolytic

amylolytic means: of or related to the process of amylolysis

Meaning of Apalachicola rosemary

apalachicola rosemary means: small shrub of Apalachicola River area in southeastern United States having highly aromatic pinkish flowers; a threatened species

Meaning of Barbados gooseberry

barbados gooseberry means: small yellow to orange fruit of the Barbados gooseberry cactus used in desserts and preserves and jellies

Meaning of Barbados gooseberry

barbados gooseberry means: West Indian woody climber with spiny stems and numerous fragrant white flowers in panicles followed by small yellow to orange fruits

Meaning of Basil thyme

basil thyme means: fragrant European mint having clusters of small violet-and-white flowers; naturalized especially in eastern North America

Meaning of Broca's center

broca's center means: the motor speech center in the left hemisphere of the brain in most people

Meaning of Cirrocumulus cloud

cirrocumulus cloud means: a cloud at a high altitude consisting of a series of regularly arranged small clouds resembling ripples

Meaning of Demote

demote means: assign to a lower position; reduce in rank

Meaning of Genus daphnia

genus daphnia means: water fleas

Meaning of Hair-shirt

hair-shirt means: self-sacrificing or austere

Meaning of Halibut-liver oil

halibut-liver oil means: a fatty oil from halibut livers that is used as a source of vitamin A

Meaning of Investment firm

investment firm means: a financial institution that sells shares to individuals and invests in securities issued by other companies

Meaning of Malaconotinae

malaconotinae means: an African bush shrikes

Meaning of Misanthropy

misanthropy means: a disposition to dislike and mistrust other people

Meaning of Misanthropy

misanthropy means: hatred of mankind

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