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Meaning of Mushroom

mushroom means: any of various fleshy fungi of the subdivision Basidiomycota consisting of a cap at the end of a stem arising from an underground mycelium

Meaning of Mushroom

mushroom means: mushrooms and related fleshy fungi (including toadstools, puffballs, morels, coral fungi, etc.)

Meaning of Mushroom

mushroom means: common name for an edible agaric (contrasting with the inedible toadstool)

Meaning of Mushroom

mushroom means: grow and spread fast

Meaning of Mushroom

mushroom means: pick or gather mushrooms

Meaning of Naboom

naboom means: small tree of dry open parts of southern Africa having erect angled branches suggesting candelabra

Meaning of Newsroom

newsroom means: a reading room (in a library or club) where newspapers and other periodicals can be read

Meaning of Newsroom

newsroom means: an office in which news is processed by a newspaper or news agency or television or radio station

Meaning of Newsroom

newsroom means: the staff of a newspaper or the news department of a periodical

Meaning of Noncom

noncom means: a military officer appointed from enlisted personnel

Meaning of Babinski sign

babinski sign means: extension upward of the toes when the sole of the foot is stroked firmly on the outer side from the heel to the front; normal in infants under the age of two years but a sign of brain or spinal cord injury in older persons

Meaning of Business enterprise

business enterprise means: the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects

Meaning of Chemistry laboratory

chemistry laboratory means: a laboratory for research in chemistry

Meaning of Cowtown

cowtown means: a small town in a cattle-raising area of western North America

Meaning of Dodoma

dodoma means: a city in the center of Tanzania that has been designated as the future capital

Meaning of Dolichocephalic

dolichocephalic means: an adult with a long narrow head

Meaning of Dolichocephalic

dolichocephalic means: having a relatively long head with a cephalic index of under 75

Meaning of Echt

echt means: not fake or counterfeit

Meaning of Genus humulus

genus humulus means: hops: hardy perennial vines of Europe, North America and central and eastern Asia producing a latex sap; in some classifications included in the family Urticaceae

Meaning of Genus lagostomus

genus lagostomus means: viscachas

Meaning of Gum benzoin

gum benzoin means: gum resin used especially in treating skin irritation

Meaning of Iodoamino acid

iodoamino acid means: an amino acid with iodine added

Meaning of Key palm

key palm means: small stocky fan palm of southern Florida and Cuba

Meaning of Madagascar pepper

madagascar pepper means: climber having dark red berries (peppercorns) when fully ripe; southern India and Sri Lanka; naturalized in northern Burma and Assam

Meaning of Modiolus

modiolus means: the central conical bony pillar of the cochlea

Meaning of Nephthytis

nephthytis means: any plant of the genus Nephthytis

Meaning of Promontory

promontory means: a natural elevation (especially a rocky one that juts out into the sea)

Meaning of Risk capital

risk capital means: wealth available for investment in new or speculative enterprises

Meaning of Thalweg

thalweg means: a line following the lowest points of a valley

Meaning of Thalweg

thalweg means: the middle of the chief navigable channel of a waterway that forms the boundary line between states

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