Words ending with om

Meaning of Chinese mushroom

chinese mushroom means: small tropical and subtropical edible mushroom having a white cap and long stem; an expensive delicacy in China and other Asian countries where it is grown commercially

Meaning of Chrisom

chrisom means: a consecrated ointment consisting of a mixture of oil and balsam

Meaning of Christendom

christendom means: the collective body of Christians throughout the world and history (found predominantly in Europe and the Americas and Australia)

Meaning of City room

city room means: the editorial department of a newspaper that edits the local news

Meaning of Classroom

classroom means: a room in a school where lessons take place

Meaning of Clean room

clean room means: a room that is virtually free of dust or bacteria; used in laboratory work and in assembly or repair of precision equipment

Meaning of Cloakroom

cloakroom means: a room where coats and other articles can be left temporarily

Meaning of Cloakroom

cloakroom means: a private lounge off of a legislative chamber

Meaning of Clubroom

clubroom means: a room used for the activities of a club

Meaning of Coatroom

coatroom means: a room where coats and other articles can be left temporarily

Meaning of Bitumenoid

bitumenoid means: like bitumen

Meaning of Cartesian coordinate system

cartesian coordinate system means: a coordinate system for which the coordinates of a point are its distances from a set perpendicular lines that intersect at the origin of the system

Meaning of Cockcroft

cockcroft means: British physicist who (with Ernest Walton in 1931) first split an atom (1897-1967)

Meaning of Cynoglossum officinale

cynoglossum officinale means: biennial shrub of Europe and western Asia having coarse tongue-shaped leaves and dark reddish-purple flowers

Meaning of Erica perspicua

erica perspicua means: South African shrub grown for its profusion of white flowers

Meaning of Fallopian tube

fallopian tube means: either of a pair of tubes conducting the egg from the ovary to the uterus

Meaning of Fermata

fermata means: (music) a prolongation of unspecified length on a note or chord or rest

Meaning of Fermata

fermata means: a musical notation (over a note or chord or rest) that indicates it is to be prolonged by an unspecified amount

Meaning of Hexanchus

hexanchus means: a genus of Hexanchidae

Meaning of Mass spectrograph

mass spectrograph means: a mass spectrometer that produces a graphical representation of the mass spectrum

Meaning of Mike

mike means: device for converting sound waves into electrical energy

Meaning of Norseman

norseman means: a native or inhabitant of Norway

Meaning of Pipal

pipal means: fig tree of India noted for great size and longevity; lacks the prop roots of the banyan; regarded as sacred by Buddhists

Meaning of Pitching wedge

pitching wedge means: a wedge used to loft the golf ball over obstacles

Meaning of Press release

press release means: an announcement distributed to members of the press in order to supplement or replace an oral presentation

Meaning of Realizable

realizable means: capable of existing or taking place or proving true; possible to do

Meaning of Realizable

realizable means: capable of being realized

Meaning of Rest energy

rest energy means: the energy equivalent to the mass of a particle at rest in an inertial frame of reference; equal to the rest mass times the square of the speed of light

Meaning of Schoolchild

schoolchild means: a young person attending school (up through senior high school)

Meaning of Smoked herring

smoked herring means: a dried and smoked herring having a reddish color

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