Words ending with ndigent

Meaning of Indigent

indigent means: poor enough to need help from others

Meaning of Amatungulu

amatungulu means: very large closely branched South African shrub having forked bright green spines and shiny leaves

Meaning of Astrological

astrological means: relating to or concerned with astrology

Meaning of Cellular

cellular means: characterized by or divided into or containing cells or compartments (the smallest organizational or structural unit of an organism or organization)

Meaning of Cellular

cellular means: relating to cells

Meaning of Downy manzanita

downy manzanita means: erect openly branched California shrub whose twigs are woolly when young

Meaning of Drool over

drool over means: envy without restraint

Meaning of Energy-releasing

energy-releasing means: of or relating to catabolism

Meaning of Energy-releasing

energy-releasing means: (of a nuclear reaction) occurring with evolution or releasing of energy

Meaning of Eyedrop

eyedrop means: a method of irrigating the eye used by ophthalmologists

Meaning of Eyedrop

eyedrop means: a drop from an eye dropper

Meaning of Furring strip

furring strip means: strip used to give a level surface for attaching wallboard

Meaning of Gaius valerius catullus

gaius valerius catullus means: Roman lyric poet remembered for his love poems to an aristocratic Roman woman (84-54 BC)

Meaning of Genus mayaca

genus mayaca means: small genus of delicate mossy bog plants having white or violet flowers

Meaning of Inborn

inborn means: normally existing at birth

Meaning of Inborn

inborn means: present at birth but not necessarily hereditary; acquired during fetal development

Meaning of Manuel de falla

manuel de falla means: Spanish composer and pianist (1876-1946)

Meaning of Millionairess

millionairess means: a woman millionaire

Meaning of Morning glory

morning glory means: any of various twining vines having funnel-shaped flowers that close late in the day

Meaning of Parietal pericardium

parietal pericardium means: the tough outermost layer of the pericardium that is attached to the diaphragm and the sternum

Meaning of Pelagic

pelagic means: relating to or occurring or living in or frequenting the open ocean

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