Words ending with countermand

Meaning of Acoustic resistance

acoustic resistance means: opposition to the flow of sound through a surface; acoustic resistance is the real component of acoustic impedance and acoustic reactance is the imaginary component

Meaning of Allionia

allionia means: small genus of chiefly American herbs

Meaning of Chiropodist

chiropodist means: a specialist in care for the feet

Meaning of Commiserative

commiserative means: feeling or expressing sympathy

Meaning of Cryogenic

cryogenic means: of or relating to very low temperatures

Meaning of Deaf-mute

deaf-mute means: a deaf person who is unable to speak

Meaning of Deaf-mute

deaf-mute means: lacking the sense of hearing and the ability to speak

Meaning of Edward ii

edward ii means: King of England from 1307 to 1327 and son of Edward I; was defeated at Bannockburn by the Scots led by Robert the Bruce; was deposed and died in prison (1284-1327)

Meaning of Genus embothrium

genus embothrium means: small genus of South American evergreen shrubs or small trees with long willowy branches and flowers in flamboyant terminal clusters

Meaning of Glutamic oxalacetic transaminase

glutamic oxalacetic transaminase means: an enzyme involved in transamination

Meaning of Hammer throw

hammer throw means: an athletic competition in which a heavy metal ball that is attached to a flexible wire is hurled as far as possible

Meaning of Linguistics

linguistics means: the humanistic study of language and literature

Meaning of Linguistics

linguistics means: the scientific study of language

Meaning of Nonsynthetic

nonsynthetic means: involving or derived from living organisms; free from chemical treatments or additives

Meaning of Oregon lily

oregon lily means: lily of western North America with showy orange-red purple-spotted flowers

Meaning of Pen up

pen up means: confine in a fold, like sheep

Meaning of Penicillin

penicillin means: any of various antibiotics obtained from Penicillium molds (or produced synthetically) and used in the treatment of various infections and diseases

Meaning of Prepositional phrase

prepositional phrase means: a phrase beginning with a preposition

Meaning of Pteridospermaphyta

pteridospermaphyta means: used in some classification systems: a group of extinct fossil gymnosperms coextensive with the order Cycadofilicales

Meaning of Reproachfully

reproachfully means: in a reproving or reproachful manner

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