Words containing waggishly

Meaning of Waggishly

waggishly means: in a waggish manner

Meaning of Affairs

affairs means: transactions of professional or public interest

Meaning of Affairs

affairs means: matters of personal concern

Meaning of As it were

as it were means: as if it were really so

Meaning of Bluestem

bluestem means: tall grass with smooth bluish leaf sheaths grown for hay in the United States

Meaning of Boiling water reactor

boiling water reactor means: a nuclear reactor that uses water as a coolant and moderator; the water boils in the reactor core and the steam produced can drive a steam turbine

Meaning of Eleuthera bark

eleuthera bark means: aromatic bark of cascarilla; used as a tonic and for making incense

Meaning of Exodontist

exodontist means: a dentist specializing in the extraction of teeth

Meaning of File in

file in means: enter by marching in a file

Meaning of Genus seriola

genus seriola means: a genus of Carangidae

Meaning of Genus treponema

genus treponema means: type genus of Treponemataceae: anaerobic spirochetes with an undulating rigid body; parasitic in warm-blooded animals

Meaning of Greaseproof paper

greaseproof paper means: paper that is impermeable to oil or grease; used in cooking

Meaning of Icebound

icebound means: locked in by ice

Meaning of Idler pulley

idler pulley means: a pulley on a shaft that presses against a guide belt to guide or tighten it

Meaning of Islamic unity

islamic unity means: a fundamentalist Islamic group in Somalia who initially did fundraising for al-Qaeda; responsible for ambushing United States Army Rangers and for terrorist bombings in Ethiopia; believed to have branches in several countries

Meaning of Labrador sea

labrador sea means: an arm of the northern Atlantic between Labrador and southern Greenland

Meaning of Multiple correlation

multiple correlation means: a statistical technique that predicts values of one variable on the basis of two or more other variables

Meaning of Portion

portion means: the allotment of some amount by dividing something

Meaning of Portion

portion means: something less than the whole of a human artifact

Meaning of Portion

portion means: an individual quantity of food or drink taken as part of a meal

Meaning of Portion

portion means: money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage

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