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Meaning of Ante up

ante up means: cancel or discharge a debt

Meaning of Appreciable

appreciable means: enough to be estimated or measured

Meaning of Blue pike

blue pike means: variety inhabiting the Great Lakes

Meaning of Chastise

chastise means: censure severely

Meaning of Chimney corner

chimney corner means: a corner by a fireplace

Meaning of Coelostat

coelostat means: optical device used to follow the path of a celestial body and reflect its light into a telescope; has a movable and a fixed mirror

Meaning of Collider

collider means: an accelerator in which two beams of particles are forced to collide head on

Meaning of Colorist

colorist means: a painter able to achieve special effects with color

Meaning of Common stock equivalent

common stock equivalent means: preferred stock or convertible bonds or warrants that can be converted into common stock

Meaning of Dative bond

dative bond means: a covalent bond in which both electrons are provided by one of the atoms

Meaning of Foie gras

foie gras means: a pate made from goose liver (marinated in Cognac) and truffles

Meaning of Hydroponic

hydroponic means: of or relating to aquiculture

Meaning of Rossbach

rossbach means: a battle in the Seven Years' War (1757); Prussian forces under Frederick the Great defeated the armies of France and Austria

Meaning of Savings account trust

savings account trust means: a savings account deposited by someone who makes themselves the trustee for a beneficiary and who controls it during their lifetime; afterward the balance is payable to the previously named beneficiary

Meaning of Scotch asphodel

scotch asphodel means: false asphodel having spikes of white flowers; of mountainous regions of Europe

Meaning of Serrulate

serrulate means: minutely serrated

Meaning of Strawberry-shrub family

strawberry-shrub family means: shrubs or small trees having aromatic bark; the eastern United States and eastern Asia

Meaning of Three-bagger

three-bagger means: a base hit at which the batter stops safely at third base

Meaning of Three-way calling

three-way calling means: a way of adding a third party to your conversation without the assistance of a telephone operator

Meaning of Unexplored

unexplored means: not yet discovered

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