Words containing rakesh

Meaning of Marrakesh

marrakesh means: a city in western Morocco; tourist center

Meaning of Anastalsis

anastalsis means: muscular action of the alimentary tract in a direction opposite to peristalsis

Meaning of Binary arithmetic operation

binary arithmetic operation means: an operation that follows the rules of Boolean algebra; each operand and the result take one of two values

Meaning of Blueish

blueish means: of the color intermediate between green and violet; having a color similar to that of a clear unclouded sky

Meaning of Chelate compound

chelate compound means: a heterocyclic compound having a metal ion attached by coordinate bonds to at least two nonmetal ions

Meaning of Crochet stitch

crochet stitch means: any one of a number of stitches made by pulling a loop of yarn through another loop with a crochet needle

Meaning of Cybersex

cybersex means: sexual arousal involving communication on the internet

Meaning of Genus mitella

genus mitella means: genus of low slender herbs of North America and northeastern Asia having flowers with trifid or pinnatifid petals

Meaning of Jauntily

jauntily means: in a jaunty fashionable manner

Meaning of Jerome

jerome means: (Roman Catholic Church) one of the great Fathers of the early Christian Church whose major work was his translation of the Scriptures from Hebrew and Greek into Latin (which became the Vulgate); a saint and Doctor of the Church (347-420)

Meaning of Memoriser

memoriser means: a person who learns by rote

Meaning of Motherwort

motherwort means: bitter Old World herb of hedgerows and woodland margins having toothed leaves and white or pale pink flowers

Meaning of Obtuse-angled triangle

obtuse-angled triangle means: a triangle that contains an obtuse interior angle

Meaning of Stannous fluoride

stannous fluoride means: a white powder that is used to fluoridate toothpaste

Meaning of Swamp dewberry

swamp dewberry means: of eastern North America

Meaning of Tetanic

tetanic means: of or relating to or causing tetanus

Meaning of Tetanic

tetanic means: of or relating to or causing tetany

Meaning of Tineoidea

tineoidea means: clothes moths; carpet moths; leaf miners

Meaning of Tyrannus vociferans

tyrannus vociferans means: a kingbird seen in the southwestern United States; largely grey with a yellow abdomen

Meaning of Uninterrupted

uninterrupted means: having undisturbed continuity

Meaning of Uninterrupted

uninterrupted means: continuing in time or space without interruption

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