Words containing marmotamo

Meaning of Altering

altering means: the sterilization of an animal

Meaning of Antimonial

antimonial means: containing antimony

Meaning of Bristlecone fir

bristlecone fir means: a pyramidal fir of southwestern California having spiny pointed leaves and cone scales with long spines

Meaning of Caroler

caroler means: a singer of carols

Meaning of City of god

city of god means: phrases used to refer to Heaven

Meaning of Crew neckline

crew neckline means: a plain straight neckline opening from shoulder to shoulder of sweaters

Meaning of Finisher

finisher means: an animal that wins in a contest of speed

Meaning of Finisher

finisher means: a race car that finishes a race

Meaning of Finisher

finisher means: a worker who performs the last step in a manufacturing process

Meaning of Finisher

finisher means: a painter who applies a finishing coat

Meaning of Finisher

finisher means: a racing driver who finishes a race

Meaning of Finisher

finisher means: (baseball) a relief pitcher who can protect a lead in the last inning or two of the game

Meaning of Flaxen

flaxen means: of hair color; pale yellowish to yellowish brown

Meaning of Genus pipile

genus pipile means: genus of large crested guans (the piping guans)

Meaning of Ghostlike

ghostlike means: resembling or characteristic of a phantom

Meaning of Goalpost

goalpost means: one of a pair of posts (usually joined by a crossbar) that are set up as a goal at each end of a playing field

Meaning of Oscitant

oscitant means: showing lack of attention or boredom

Meaning of Police detective

police detective means: a police officer who investigates crimes

Meaning of Problem solver

problem solver means: a thinker who focuses on the problem as stated and tries to synthesize information and knowledge to achieve a solution

Meaning of Pseudorubella

pseudorubella means: a viral disease of infants and young children; characterized by abrupt high fever and mild sore throat; a few days later there is a faint pinkish rash that lasts for a few hours to a few days

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