Words containing marmotam

Meaning of Amanita

amanita means: genus of widely distributed agarics that have white spores and are poisonous with few exceptions

Meaning of Beater

beater means: an implement for beating

Meaning of Beater

beater means: a worker who rouses wild game from under cover for a hunter

Meaning of Clean bomb

clean bomb means: an atom bomb leaving little or no radioactive contamination

Meaning of Collet chuck

collet chuck means: a cone-shaped chuck used for holding cylindrical pieces in a lathe

Meaning of Corpulency

corpulency means: more than average fatness

Meaning of Correlational

correlational means: relating to or employing correlation

Meaning of Excellence

excellence means: the quality of excelling; possessing good qualities in high degree

Meaning of Excellence

excellence means: an outstanding feature; something in which something or someone excels

Meaning of Fight down

fight down means: fight against or resist strongly

Meaning of Genus corixa

genus corixa means: type genus of the Corixidae: boat bugs

Meaning of In case

in case means: if there happens to be need

Meaning of Mint candy

mint candy means: a candy that is flavored with a mint oil

Meaning of Slaveholding

slaveholding means: the practice of owning slaves

Meaning of Slaveholding

slaveholding means: allowing slavery

Meaning of Slender knapweed

slender knapweed means: a variety of knapweed

Meaning of Spending spree

spending spree means: a brief period of extravagant spending

Meaning of Tiberius

tiberius means: son-in-law of Augustus who became a suspicious tyrannical Emperor of Rome after a brilliant military career (42 BC to AD 37)

Meaning of Uncivil

uncivil means: lacking civility or good manners

Meaning of Upper volta

upper volta means: a desperately poor landlocked country in western Africa; was formerly Upper Volta under French rule but gained independence in 1960

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