Words containing indigen

Meaning of Carolina hemlock

carolina hemlock means: medium-sized evergreen of southeastern United States having spreading branches and widely diverging cone scales

Meaning of Close-set

close-set means: set close together

Meaning of Cyclostomata

cyclostomata means: primitive jawless aquatic vertebrate: lampreys; hagfishes

Meaning of Enlarged

enlarged means: (of an organ or body part) excessively enlarged as a result of increased size in the constituent cells

Meaning of Enlarged

enlarged means: enlarged to an abnormal degree

Meaning of Enlarged

enlarged means: larger than normal

Meaning of Enlarged

enlarged means: as of a photograph; made larger

Meaning of Graminaceous plant

graminaceous plant means: cosmopolitan herbaceous or woody plants with hollow jointed stems and long narrow leaves

Meaning of Greta louisa gustafsson

greta louisa gustafsson means: United States film actress (born in Sweden) known for her reclusiveness (1905-1990)

Meaning of Head tone

head tone means: the higher ranges of the voice in speaking or singing; the vibrations of sung notes are felt in the head

Meaning of Hydroxyl

hydroxyl means: the monovalent group -OH in such compounds as bases and some acids and alcohols

Meaning of Lariat

lariat means: a long noosed rope used to catch animals

Meaning of Louis comfort tiffany

louis comfort tiffany means: United States artist who developed Tiffany glass (1848-1933)

Meaning of Musical performance

musical performance means: the act of performing music

Meaning of Naval tactical data system

naval tactical data system means: a shipboard system for collecting and displaying tactical data

Meaning of Paralogism

paralogism means: an unintentionally invalid argument

Meaning of Pole vault

pole vault means: a competition that involves jumping over a high crossbar with the aid of a long pole

Meaning of Pot plant

pot plant means: a plant suitable for growing in a flowerpot (especially indoors)

Meaning of Strophe

strophe means: one section of a lyric poem or choral ode in classical Greek drama

Meaning of Tarheel

tarheel means: a native or resident of North Carolina

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