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Meaning of Agonus cataphractus

agonus cataphractus means: northern Atlantic sea poacher

Meaning of Agony

agony means: intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain

Meaning of Agony

agony means: a state of acute pain

Meaning of Agony aunt

agony aunt means: a newspaper columnist who answers questions and offers advice on personal problems to people who write in

Meaning of Agony column

agony column means: a newspaper column devoted to personal problems

Meaning of Agora

agora means: a place of assembly for the people in ancient Greece

Meaning of Agora

agora means: the marketplace in ancient Greece

Meaning of Agora

agora means: 100 agorot equal 1 shekel in Israel

Meaning of Agoraphobia

agoraphobia means: a morbid fear of open spaces (as fear of being caught alone in some public place)

Meaning of Agoraphobic

agoraphobic means: suffering from agoraphobia; abnormally afraid of open or public places

Meaning of Ageratina altissima

ageratina altissima means: American herb having flat-topped clusters of small white flower heads; reputedly a cause of trembles and milk sickness; sometimes placed in genus Eupatorium

Meaning of Andrei voznesenski

andrei voznesenski means: Russian poet (born in 1933)

Meaning of Appal

appal means: fill with apprehension or alarm; cause to be unpleasantly surprised

Meaning of Appal

appal means: strike with disgust or revulsion

Meaning of Bonheur

bonheur means: (French) happiness and good humor

Meaning of Chestnut-brown

chestnut-brown means: (of hair or feathers) of brown tinged with chestnut

Meaning of Cyclic redundancy check

cyclic redundancy check means: an error correction code that is recorded in each sector of a magnetic disk and used to catch errors in the data

Meaning of Financing

financing means: the act of financing

Meaning of Genus ipomoea

genus ipomoea means: morning glory

Meaning of Genus lepiota

genus lepiota means: agarics with white spores that includes several edible and poisonous mushrooms: parasol mushrooms

Meaning of Glee

glee means: great merriment

Meaning of Glee

glee means: malicious satisfaction

Meaning of Grand jury

grand jury means: a jury to inquire into accusations of crime and to evaluate the grounds for indictments

Meaning of Handloom

handloom means: a loom powered by hand

Meaning of Lasiocampa

lasiocampa means: type genus of the Lasiocampidae: eggars

Meaning of Morbilli

morbilli means: an acute and highly contagious viral disease marked by distinct red spots followed by a rash; occurs primarily in children

Meaning of Penstemon dolius

penstemon dolius means: low plant with light blue and violet flowers in short clusters near tips of stems; Nevada to Utah

Meaning of Student teacher

student teacher means: a college student who is teaching under the supervision of a certified teacher in order to qualify for a degree in education

Meaning of Taut

taut means: pulled or drawn tight

Meaning of Taut

taut means: subjected to great tension; stretched tight

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