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Meaning of Agonic line

agonic line means: an imaginary line connecting points on the Earth's surface where the magnetic declination is zero

Meaning of Agonidae

agonidae means: poachers

Meaning of Agonise

agonise means: suffer agony or anguish

Meaning of Agonise

agonise means: cause to agonize

Meaning of Agonised

agonised means: expressing pain or agony

Meaning of Agonising

agonising means: extremely painful

Meaning of Agonist

agonist means: (biochemistry) a drug that can combine with a receptor on a cell to produce a physiological reaction

Meaning of Agonist

agonist means: a muscle that contracts while another relaxes

Meaning of Agonist

agonist means: someone involved in a contest or battle (as in an agon)

Meaning of Agonist

agonist means: the principal character in a work of fiction

Meaning of 24

24 means: the cardinal number that is the sum of twenty-three and one

Meaning of 24

24 means: being four more than twenty

Meaning of Abrading stone

abrading stone means: a primitive stone artifact (usually made of sandstone) used as an abrader

Meaning of Bloom of youth

bloom of youth means: the best time of youth

Meaning of City planning

city planning means: determining and drawing up plans for the future physical arrangement and condition of a community

Meaning of Decadron

decadron means: a corticosteroid drug (trade names Decadron or Dexamethasone Intensol or Dexone or Hexadrol or Oradexon) used to treat allergies or inflammation

Meaning of Dianoetic

dianoetic means: proceeding to a conclusion by reason or argument rather than intuition

Meaning of Draining

draining means: having a debilitating effect

Meaning of Gamin

gamin means: (sometimes offensive) a homeless boy who has been abandoned and roams the streets

Meaning of Gustav klimt

gustav klimt means: Austrian painter influenced by art nouveau (1862-1918)

Meaning of Inborn reflex

inborn reflex means: an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus

Meaning of Inexpertly

inexpertly means: in a crude and unskilled manner

Meaning of Intercapitular vein

intercapitular vein means: veins connecting the dorsal and palmar veins of the hand or the dorsal and plantar veins of the foot

Meaning of Intransitiveness

intransitiveness means: the grammatical relation created by an intransitive verb

Meaning of Plumbable

plumbable means: (of depth) capable of being sounded or measured for depth

Meaning of Precariously

precariously means: in a precarious manner

Meaning of Sawm

sawm means: the third pillar of Islam is fasting (primarily during the month of Ramadan); Muslims abstain from food and drink and gambling and all sensuous pleasures from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan

Meaning of Sphaerobolaceae

sphaerobolaceae means: monotypic family of fungi in which the more or less spherical gleba is forcibly ejected at maturity

Meaning of Square dancing

square dancing means: American country dancing in which couples form squares

Meaning of Subartesian

subartesian means: (of water) rising naturally in a well to a height appreciably above that of the surrounding water table but not flowing out of the well

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