Words containing genusloph

Meaning of Actualization

actualization means: making real or giving the appearance of reality

Meaning of Beaver fur

beaver fur means: the soft brown fur of the beaver

Meaning of Black rhinoceros

black rhinoceros means: African rhino; in danger of extinction

Meaning of Fossorial

fossorial means: (of limbs and feet) adapted for digging

Meaning of Frigga

frigga means: (Norse mythology) goddess of the heavens and married love; wife of Odin

Meaning of Genus anthurium

genus anthurium means: large genus of often epiphytic evergreen tropical American plants often cultivated as houseplants

Meaning of Genus saxe-gothea

genus saxe-gothea means: one species: Prince Albert's yew

Meaning of Gravity-assist

gravity-assist means: (spaceflight) a trajectory that passes close to a planetary body in order to gain energy from its gravitational field

Meaning of Haliaeetus pelagicus

haliaeetus pelagicus means: found on coasts of the northwestern Pacific

Meaning of Haycock

haycock means: a small cone-shaped pile of hay that has been left in the field until it is dry enough to carry to the hayrick

Meaning of Homo erectus

homo erectus means: extinct species of primitive hominid with upright stature but small brain

Meaning of Local anesthesia

local anesthesia means: loss of sensation in a small area of the body (as when a local anesthetic is injected for a tooth extraction)

Meaning of Mutualist

mutualist means: mutually dependent

Meaning of Oriental black mushroom

oriental black mushroom means: edible east Asian mushroom having a golden or dark brown to blackish cap and an inedible stipe

Meaning of Papaverales

papaverales means: an order of dicotyledonous plants

Meaning of Protester

protester means: someone who participates in a public display of group feeling

Meaning of Protester

protester means: a person who dissents from some established policy

Meaning of Sir charles william siemens

sir charles william siemens means: engineer who was a brother of Ernst Werner von Siemens and who moved to England (1823-1883)

Meaning of Time deposit

time deposit means: a certificate of deposit from which withdrawals can be made only after advance notice or at a specified future date

Meaning of Unshrinkable

unshrinkable means: incapable of being shrunk or diminished or reduced

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