Words containing genusloph

Meaning of Bellarmino

bellarmino means: Italian cardinal and theologian (1542-1621)

Meaning of Blackheart

blackheart means: heart cherry with dark flesh and skin cherry

Meaning of Blackheart

blackheart means: any of various diseases in which the central tissues blacken

Meaning of Cheeselike

cheeselike means: having the consistency of cheese

Meaning of Concentre

concentre means: bring into focus or alignment; to converge or cause to converge; of ideas or emotions

Meaning of Dotard

dotard means: an oldster in his dotage; someone whose age has impaired his intellect

Meaning of Eupatorium perfoliatum

eupatorium perfoliatum means: perennial herb of southeastern United States having white-rayed flower heads; formerly used as in folk medicine

Meaning of Funereal

funereal means: suited to or suggestive of a grave or burial

Meaning of Genus pholis

genus pholis means: type genus of the Pholidae: gunnels

Meaning of Knox

knox means: Scottish theologian who founded Presbyterianism in Scotland and wrote a history of the Reformation in Scotland (1514-1572)

Meaning of Kodiak island

kodiak island means: an island off southern Alaska in the Gulf of Alaska; site of the first European settlement in the area which was founded by the Russians in 1784

Meaning of Mankato

mankato means: a town in southern Minnesota

Meaning of Prankishness

prankishness means: the trait of indulging in disreputable pranks

Meaning of Pyrogenetic

pyrogenetic means: produced by or producing fever

Meaning of Simonise

simonise means: polish with wax

Meaning of Spiral nebula

spiral nebula means: a galaxy having a spiral structure; arms containing younger stars spiral out from old stars at the center

Meaning of Sprig tail

sprig tail means: large grouse of prairies and open forests of western North America

Meaning of Travelling salesman

travelling salesman means: a salesman who travels to call on customers

Meaning of Unchanging

unchanging means: showing little if any change

Meaning of Unchanging

unchanging means: conforming to the same principles or course of action over time

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