Words containing counte

Meaning of Counterfoil

counterfoil means: the part of a check that is retained as a record

Meaning of Counterglow

counterglow means: a faint spot of light in the night sky that appears directly opposite the position of the sun; a reflection of sunlight by micrometeoric material in space

Meaning of Counterinsurgency

counterinsurgency means: actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency

Meaning of Counterinsurgent

counterinsurgent means: of or relating or characteristic of actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency

Meaning of Counterintelligence

counterintelligence means: intelligence activities concerned with identifying and counteracting the threat to security posed by hostile intelligence organizations or by individuals engaged in espionage or sabotage or subversion or terrorism

Meaning of Counterintuitive

counterintuitive means: contrary to what common sense would suggest

Meaning of Counterintuitively

counterintuitively means: in a counterintuitive manner

Meaning of Counterirritant

counterirritant means: a medicine applied locally to produce superficial inflammation in order to reduce deeper inflammation

Meaning of Counterman

counterman means: someone who attends a counter (as in a diner)

Meaning of Countermand

countermand means: a contrary command cancelling or reversing a previous command

Meaning of Anticonvulsant drug

anticonvulsant drug means: a drug used to treat or prevent convulsions (as in epilepsy)

Meaning of Burgh

burgh means: a borough in Scotland

Meaning of Bydgoszcz

bydgoszcz means: an industrial city and river port in northern Poland

Meaning of Circumference

circumference means: the size of something as given by the distance around it

Meaning of Circumference

circumference means: the length of the closed curve of a circle

Meaning of Circumference

circumference means: the boundary line encompassing an area or object

Meaning of Confusedness

confusedness means: a mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior

Meaning of Cx

cx means: being ten more than one hundred

Meaning of Dassie

dassie means: any of several small ungulate mammals of Africa and Asia with rodent-like incisors and feet with hooflike toes

Meaning of Erythronium americanum

erythronium americanum means: eastern North American dogtooth having solitary yellow flowers marked with brown or purple and spotted interiors

Meaning of Fascicle

fascicle means: a bundle of fibers (especially nerve fibers)

Meaning of Fascicle

fascicle means: an installment of a printed work

Meaning of French canadian

french canadian means: a Canadian descended from early French settlers and whose native language is French

Meaning of Fundamental measure

fundamental measure means: one of the four quantities that are the basis of systems of measurement

Meaning of Genus pitta

genus pitta means: type genus of the Pittidae; a large genus of birds of southern Asia and Australia and adjacent islands

Meaning of Inconclusively

inconclusively means: not conclusively

Meaning of Majority operation

majority operation means: a threshold operation in which each operand is 0 or 1; output is 1 if and only if more than half the operands have the value 1

Meaning of Maxillofacial

maxillofacial means: of or relating to the upper jaw and face (particularly with reference to specialized surgery of the maxilla)

Meaning of Pedicure

pedicure means: professional care for the feet and toenails

Meaning of Pedicure

pedicure means: care for one's feet by cutting and shaping the nails, etc.

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