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Meaning of Anderson

anderson means: United States physicist who discovered antimatter in the form of an antielectron that is called the positron (1905-1991)

Meaning of Anderson

anderson means: United States contralto noted for her performance of spirituals (1902-1993)

Meaning of Anderson

anderson means: United States dramatist (1888-1959)

Meaning of Anderson

anderson means: United States physicist who studied the electronic structure of magnetic and disordered systems (1923-)

Meaning of Anderson

anderson means: United States author whose works were frequently autobiographical (1876-1941)

Meaning of Astound

astound means: affect with wonder

Meaning of Atlas moth

atlas moth means: giant saturniid moth widespread in Asia; sometimes cultured for silk

Meaning of Autonomic nervous system

autonomic nervous system means: the part of the nervous system of vertebrates that controls involuntary actions of the smooth muscles and heart and glands

Meaning of Cupressus guadalupensis

cupressus guadalupensis means: relatively low wide-spreading endemic on Guadalupe Island; cultivated for its bluish foliage

Meaning of Genus hibiscus

genus hibiscus means: large genus of tropical and subtropical herbs and shrubs and trees often grown as ornamentals for their profusion of large flowers in a variety of colors

Meaning of Genus tanacetum

genus tanacetum means: a large genus of plants resembling chrysanthemums; comprises some plants often included in other genera especially genus Chrysanthemum

Meaning of Gilmer

gilmer means: United States journalist who wrote a syndicated column of advice to the lovelorn (1870-1951)

Meaning of Granularity

granularity means: the quality of being composed of relatively large particles

Meaning of Hard clam

hard clam means: an edible American clam; the heavy shells were used as money by some American Indians

Meaning of Hoar

hoar means: ice crystals forming a white deposit (especially on objects outside)

Meaning of Hoar

hoar means: showing characteristics of age, especially having grey or white hair

Meaning of Irredenta

irredenta means: a region that is related ethnically or historically to one country but is controlled politically by another

Meaning of Longlegs

longlegs means: long-legged three-toed black-and-white wading bird of inland ponds and marshes or brackish lagoons

Meaning of Lore

lore means: knowledge gained through tradition or anecdote

Meaning of Mattress pad

mattress pad means: a protective pad over a mattress to protect it

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