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Meaning of Accipitrine

accipitrine means: of or relating to or belonging to the genus Accipiter (or to typical hawks)

Meaning of American red plum

american red plum means: wild plum trees of eastern and central North America having red-orange fruit with yellow flesh

Meaning of Angora cat

angora cat means: a long-haired breed of cat similar to the Persian cat

Meaning of Ashkhabad

ashkhabad means: the capital and largest city of Turkmenistan

Meaning of Athlete's heart

athlete's heart means: enlarged heart commonly found among athletes trained for endurance

Meaning of Composer

composer means: someone who composes music as a profession

Meaning of Fishing tackle

fishing tackle means: gear used in fishing

Meaning of Flamen

flamen means: a priest who served a particular deity in ancient Rome

Meaning of Genus sarcophaga

genus sarcophaga means: flesh flies

Meaning of Insatiate

insatiate means: impossible to satisfy

Meaning of Kingston-upon hull

kingston-upon hull means: a large fishing port in northeastern England

Meaning of March out

march out means: march out (as from a defile) into open ground

Meaning of New edition

new edition means: a publication (such as a book) that has been modified or updated and offered again for sale

Meaning of Polypodium glycyrrhiza

polypodium glycyrrhiza means: fern having rootstock of a sweetish flavor

Meaning of Proto-indo european

proto-indo european means: a prehistoric unrecorded language that was the ancestor of all Indo-European languages

Meaning of Sportively

sportively means: in a merry sportive manner

Meaning of Thymelaeales

thymelaeales means: Myrtaceae; Combretaceae; Elaeagnaceae; Haloragidaceae; Melastomaceae; Lecythidaceae; Lythraceae; Rhizophoraceae; Onagraceae; Lecythidaceae; Punicaceae

Meaning of Trembling

trembling means: a shaky motion

Meaning of Trembling

trembling means: vibrating slightly and irregularly; as e.g. with fear or cold or like the leaves of an aspen in a breeze

Meaning of Ubiety

ubiety means: the state of existing and being localized in space

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