Words containing aditya

Meaning of Aditya

aditya means: one of 7 to 12 sons of Aditi; Hindu gods of celestial light

Meaning of American labor party

american labor party means: a former political party in the United States; formed in 1936 in New York when labor and liberals bolted the Democratic Party

Meaning of Bundling

bundling means: the act of shoving hastily

Meaning of Bundling

bundling means: the act of binding something into a bundle

Meaning of Bundling

bundling means: a onetime custom during courtship of unmarried couples occupying the same bed without undressing

Meaning of Councilman

councilman means: a man who is a council member

Meaning of Digitally

digitally means: in terms of integers

Meaning of Digitally

digitally means: by means of the fingers

Meaning of Dissolver

dissolver means: a liquid substance capable of dissolving other substances

Meaning of Dropforge

dropforge means: forge with a dropforge

Meaning of Electrostatic bond

electrostatic bond means: a chemical bond in which one atom loses an electron to form a positive ion and the other atom gains an electron to form a negative ion

Meaning of Family cecidomyidae

family cecidomyidae means: gall midges

Meaning of Golden oak mushroom

golden oak mushroom means: edible east Asian mushroom having a golden or dark brown to blackish cap and an inedible stipe

Meaning of Government income

government income means: income available to the government

Meaning of Kavrin

kavrin means: an alkaloid medicine (trade name Kavrin) obtained from opium; used to relax smooth muscles; it is nonaddictive

Meaning of Malversation

malversation means: misconduct in public office

Meaning of Melicocca bijuga

melicocca bijuga means: tropical American tree bearing a small edible fruit with green leathery skin and sweet juicy translucent pulp

Meaning of Mirage

mirage means: something illusory and unattainable

Meaning of Mirage

mirage means: an optical illusion in which atmospheric refraction by a layer of hot air distorts or inverts reflections of distant objects

Meaning of Ptilonorhynchus

ptilonorhynchus means: type genus of the Ptilonorhynchidae

Meaning of Robbery conviction

robbery conviction means: conviction for robbery

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