Words containing 11plu

Meaning of Amenhotep iv

amenhotep iv means: early ruler of Egypt who rejected the old gods and replaced them with sun worship (died in 1358 BC)

Meaning of Blennioid fish

blennioid fish means: elongated mostly scaleless marine fishes with large pectoral fins and reduced pelvic fins

Meaning of Corneum

corneum means: the outermost layer of the epidermis consisting of dead cells that slough off

Meaning of Embrasure

embrasure means: an opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through

Meaning of Explosive device

explosive device means: device that bursts with sudden violence from internal energy

Meaning of Glide slope

glide slope means: the final path followed by an aircraft as it is landing

Meaning of Hard beech

hard beech means: tall New Zealand tree yielding very hard wood

Meaning of Inconclusiveness

inconclusiveness means: the quality of being inconclusive

Meaning of Interwoven

interwoven means: linked or locked closely together as by dovetailing

Meaning of Matthew calbraith perry

matthew calbraith perry means: United States admiral who led a naval expedition to Japan and signed a treaty in 1854 opening up trade relations between United States and Japan; brother of Oliver Hazard Perry (1794-1858)

Meaning of Mors

mors means: (Roman mythology) Roman god of death; counterpart of Thanatos

Meaning of Nevoid elephantiasis

nevoid elephantiasis means: thickening of the skin (usually unilateral on an extremity) caused by congenital enlargement of lymph vessel and lymph vessel obstruction

Meaning of Nootka cypress

nootka cypress means: tall evergreen of the Pacific coast of North America often cultivated for ornament

Meaning of Nuclear rna

nuclear rna means: ribonucleic acid found in the nucleolus of the cell

Meaning of Oklahoman

oklahoman means: a native or resident of Oklahoma

Meaning of Pigeon-pea plant

pigeon-pea plant means: tropical woody herb with showy yellow flowers and flat pods; much cultivated in the tropics

Meaning of Plant louse

plant louse means: any of several small insects especially aphids that feed by sucking the juices from plants

Meaning of Sit-in

sit-in means: a form of civil disobedience in which demonstrators occupy seats and refuse to move

Meaning of Stonily

stonily means: in a stony manner

Meaning of Tier

tier means: one of two or more layers one atop another

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