Anagram and Scrabble words and meanings from Lcamaus ?

Calamus (n.): The indian cane, a plant of the Palm family. It furnishes the common rattan. See Rattan, and Dragon's blood.

Calamus (n.): A species of Acorus (A. calamus), commonly called calamus, or sweet flag. The root has a pungent, aromatic taste, and is used in medicine as a stomachic; the leaves have an aromatic odor, and were formerly used instead of rushes to strew on floors.

Calamus (n.): The horny basal portion of a feather; the barrel or quill.

Calamus (n): The hollow spine of a feather

Calamus (n): A genus of Sparidae

Calamus (n): Perennial marsh plant having swordlike leaves and aromatic roots

Calamus (n): The aromatic root of the sweet flag used medicinally

Calamus (n): Any tropical Asian palm of the genus Calamus; light tough stems

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