Anagram and Scrabble words and meanings from Carposporic ?

Emperorship (n.): The rank or office of an emperor.

Spermaphore (n.): That part of the ovary from which the ovules arise; the placenta.

Spermophore (n.): A spermatophore.

Spherograph (n.): An instrument for facilitating the practical use of spherics in navigation and astronomy, being constructed of two cardboards containing various circles, and turning upon each other in such a manner that any possible spherical triangle may be readily found, and the measures of the parts read off by inspection.

Sporophoric (a.): Having the nature of a sporophore.

Carposporic (a): Relating to or resembling a carpospore

Copper's nark (n): An informer or spy working for the police

Lisp program (n): A program written in LISP

Peronospora (n): Genus of destructive downy mildews

Poor speller (n): Someone who spells words

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