Anagram and Scrabble words and meanings from Aecgmtierusny ?

Chrysanthemum (n.): A genus of composite plants, mostly perennial, and of many species including the many varieties of garden chrysanthemums (annual and perennial), and also the feverfew and the oxeye daisy.

Laetere Sunday (): The fourth Sunday of Lent; -- so named from the Latin word Laetare (rejoice), the first word in the antiphone of the introit sung that day in the Roman Catholic service.

Mensurability (n.): The quality of being mensurable.

Unsymmetrical (a.): Wanting in symmetry, or due proportion pf parts.

Unsymmetrical (a.): Not symmetrical; being without symmetry, as the parts of a flower when similar parts are of different size and shape, or when the parts of successive circles differ in number. See Symmetry.

Unsymmetrical (a.): Being without symmetry of chemical structure or relation; as, an unsymmetrical carbon atom.

Chrysanthemum (n): Any of numerous perennial Old World herbs having showy brightly

Chrysanthemum (n): The flower of a chrysanthemum plant

Genus mycteria (n): A genus of storks of the family Ciconiidae now including only th

Laundry basket (n): A hamper that holds dirty clothes to be washed or wet clothes to

Unsymmetrical (s): Having unsymmetrical parts or unequal dimensions or measurements

Unsymmetrical (s): Lacking symmetry

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