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Amputated (imp. & p. p.): Of Amputate

Anchoretic (a.): Alt. of Anchoretical

Course (v. t.): To run, hunt, or chase after; to follow hard upon; to pursue.

Crissal (a.): Having highly colored under tail coverts; as, the crissal thrasher.

Deglutitory (a.): Serving for, or aiding in, deglutition.

Euryale (n.): A genus of ophiurans with much-branched arms.

Exemplary (a.): Illustrating as the proof of a thing.

Jam (n.): An injury caused by jamming.

Mesotheca (n.): The middle layer of the gonophore in the Hydrozoa.

Notable (a.): Well-known; notorious.

Ophiuroidea (n. pl.): A class of star-shaped echinoderms having a disklike body, with slender, articulated arms, which are not grooved beneath and are often very fragile; -- called also Ophiuroida and Ophiuridea. See Illust. under Brittle star.

Ovate-rotundate (a.): Having a form intermediate between that of an egg and a sphere; roundly ovate.

Spicenut (): A small crisp cake, highly spiced.

Strigous (a.): Strigose.

Tough-cake (n.): See Tough-pitch (b).

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