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Anagraph (n.): An inventory; a record.

Contemporariness (n.): Existence at the same time; contemporaneousness.

Etnean (a.): Pertaining to Etna, a volcanic mountain in Sicily.

Fossorious (a.): Adapted for digging; -- said of the legs of certain insects.

Gossipry (n.): Idle talk; gossip.

Lavatories (pl. ): Of Lavatory

Monadelphia (n. pl.): A Linnaean class of plants having the stamens united into a tube, or ring, by the filaments, as in the Mallow family.

Periodical (a.): Of or pertaining to a period or periods, or to division by periods.

Postexist (v. i.): To exist after; to live subsequently.

Primogenitive (n.): Primogeniture.

Proceeder (n.): One who proceeds.

Rhizome (n.): A rootstock. See Rootstock.

Shipwright (n.): One whose occupation is to construct ships; a builder of ships or other vessels.

Table (n.): The upper flat surface of a diamond or other precious stone, the sides of which are cut in angles.

Topmem (pl. ): Of Topman

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