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Meaning of Ulmus hollandica

ulmus hollandica means: any of various hybrid ornamental European shade trees ranging from dwarf to tall

Meaning of Ulmus hollandica vegetata

ulmus hollandica vegetata means: erect vigorous hybrid ornamental elm tree

Meaning of Ulmus laevis

ulmus laevis means: Eurasian elm closely resembling the American elm; thrives in a moist environment

Meaning of Ulmus parvifolia

ulmus parvifolia means: small fast-growing tree native to Asia; widely grown as shelterbelts and hedges

Meaning of Ulmus procera

ulmus procera means: broad spreading rough-leaved elm common throughout Europe and planted elsewhere

Meaning of Ulmus pumila

ulmus pumila means: fast-growing shrubby Asian tree naturalized in United States for shelter or ornament

Meaning of Ulmus rubra

ulmus rubra means: North American elm having rough leaves that are red when opening; yields a hard wood

Meaning of Ulmus sarniensis

ulmus sarniensis means: a variety of the English elm with erect branches and broader leaves

Meaning of Ulmus serotina

ulmus serotina means: autumn-flowering elm of southeastern United States

Meaning of Ulmus thomasii

ulmus thomasii means: tall widely distributed elm of eastern North America

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Acuity

acuity means: a quick and penetrating intelligence

Meaning of Acuity

acuity means: sharpness of vision; the visual ability to resolve fine detail (usually measured by a Snellen chart)

Meaning of Bastardy

bastardy means: the status of being born to parents who were not married

Meaning of Caff

caff means: informal British term for a cafe

Meaning of Chinese forget-me-not

chinese forget-me-not means: biennial east Asian herb grown for its usually bright blue flowers

Meaning of Chooser

chooser means: a person who chooses or selects out

Meaning of Class amphibia

class amphibia means: the class of vertebrates that live on land but breed in water; frogs; toads; newts; salamanders; caecilians

Meaning of Cossack

cossack means: a member of a Slavic people living in southern European Russia and Ukraine and adjacent parts of Asia and noted for their horsemanship and military skill; they formed an elite cavalry corps in czarist Russia

Meaning of Declaration of independence

declaration of independence means: the document recording the proclamation of the second Continental Congress (4 July 1776) asserting the independence of the Colonies from Great Britain

Meaning of Decortication

decortication means: removal of the outer covering of an organ or part

Meaning of Equiprobable

equiprobable means: equally probable

Meaning of Fifth part

fifth part means: one part in five equal parts

Meaning of Frobisher

frobisher means: English explorer who led an expedition in search of the Northwest Passage to the orient; served under Drake and helped defeat the Spanish Armada (1535-1594)

Meaning of James neville mason

james neville mason means: English film actor (1909-1984)

Meaning of Malleus

malleus means: the ossicle attached to the eardrum

Meaning of Miltiades

miltiades means: Athenian general who defeated the Persians at Marathon (540-489)

Meaning of Privacy

privacy means: the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others

Meaning of Privacy

privacy means: the condition of being concealed or hidden

Meaning of Retail chain

retail chain means: a chain of retail stores

Meaning of Senna marilandica

senna marilandica means: North American perennial herb; leaves are used medicinally; sometimes placed in genus Cassia

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