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Meaning of T

t means: hormone produced by the thyroid glands to regulate metabolism by controlling the rate of oxidation in cells

Meaning of T

t means: thyroid hormone similar to thyroxine but with one less iodine atom per molecule and produced in smaller quantity; exerts the same biological effects as thyroxine but is more potent and briefer

Meaning of T

t means: the 20th letter of the Roman alphabet

Meaning of T

t means: a unit of weight equivalent to 1000 kilograms

Meaning of T

t means: one of the four nucleotides used in building DNA; all four nucleotides have a common phosphate group and a sugar (ribose)

Meaning of T

t means: a base found in DNA (but not in RNA) and derived from pyrimidine; pairs with adenine

Meaning of T cell

t cell means: a small lymphocyte developed in the thymus; it orchestrates the immune system's response to infected or malignant cells

Meaning of T hinge

t hinge means: a hinge that looks like the letter T when it is opened; similar to a strap hinge except that one strap has been replaced by half of a butt hinge that can be mortised flush into the stationary frame

Meaning of T lymphocyte

t lymphocyte means: a small lymphocyte developed in the thymus; it orchestrates the immune system's response to infected or malignant cells

Meaning of T'ai chi

t'ai chi means: a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation and balance and health

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Aboral

aboral means: opposite to or away from the mouth

Meaning of Anaconda

anaconda means: large arboreal boa of tropical South America

Meaning of Anal phase

anal phase means: (psychoanalysis) the second sexual and social stage of a child's development during which bowel control is learned

Meaning of Anti-personnel bomb

anti-personnel bomb means: a bomb with only 10 to 20 per cent explosive and the remainder consisting of casings designed to break into many small high-velocity fragments; most effective against troops and vehicles

Meaning of Appalachians

appalachians means: a mountain range in the eastern United States extending from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico; a historic barrier to early westward expansion of the United States

Meaning of Aster falcatus

aster falcatus means: perennial of western North America having white flowers

Meaning of Bisque

bisque means: a thick cream soup made from shellfish

Meaning of Conviction

conviction means: (criminal law) a final judgment of guilty in a criminal case and the punishment that is imposed

Meaning of Conviction

conviction means: an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence

Meaning of Cycadophyta

cycadophyta means: palmlike gymnosperms: includes the surviving order Cycadales and several extinct orders; possibly not a natural group; in some systems considered a class (Cycadopsida) and in others a subdivision (Cycadophytina or Cycadophyta)

Meaning of Dicer

dicer means: a mechanical device used for dicing food

Meaning of Foreign correspondent

foreign correspondent means: a journalist who sends news reports and commentary from a foreign country for publication or broadcast

Meaning of Garter stitch

garter stitch means: a knitting stitch that results in a pattern of horizontal ridges formed by knitting both sides (instead of purling one side)

Meaning of Granada

granada means: a city in southeastern Spain that was the capital of the Moorish kingdom until it was captured by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492; site of the Alhambra (a palace and fortress built by Moors in the Middle Ages) which is now a major tourist attraction

Meaning of Percina

percina means: a genus of Percidae

Meaning of Stalking

stalking means: the act of following prey stealthily

Meaning of Stalking

stalking means: a hunt for game carried on by following it stealthily or waiting in ambush

Meaning of Subdivision ascomycotina

subdivision ascomycotina means: a large subdivision of Eumycota including Hemiascomycetes and Plectomycetes and Pyrenomycetes and Discomycetes; sac fungi; in some classification systems considered a division of the kingdom Fungi

Meaning of Tagging program

tagging program means: a computer program that attaches labels to the grammatical constituents of textual matter

Meaning of Topsail

topsail means: a sail (or either of a pair of sails) immediately above the lowermost sail of a mast and supported by a topmast

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