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Meaning of J

j means: the 10th letter of the Roman alphabet

Meaning of J

j means: a unit of electrical energy equal to the work done when a current of one ampere passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second

Meaning of J particle

j particle means: a neutral meson with a large mass

Meaning of J. b. rhine

j. b. rhine means: United States parapsychologist (1895-1980)

Meaning of J. b. s. haldane

j. b. s. haldane means: Scottish geneticist (son of John Haldane) who contributed to the development of population genetics; a popularizer of science and a Marxist (1892-1964)

Meaning of J. c. maxwell

j. c. maxwell means: Scottish physicist whose equations unified electricity and magnetism and who recognized the electromagnetic nature of light (1831-1879)

Meaning of J. craig ventner

j. craig ventner means: United States geneticist who published the complete base sequences for all the genes of a free-living organism, the influenza bacterium; later led team that developed a first draft of the entire human genome (born in 1946)

Meaning of J. d. salinger

j. d. salinger means: United States writer (born 1919)

Meaning of J. e. johnston

j. e. johnston means: Confederate general in the American Civil War; led the Confederate troops in the West (1807-1891)

Meaning of J. edgar hoover

j. edgar hoover means: United States lawyer who was director of the FBI for 48 years (1895-1972)

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Charmingly

charmingly means: in a charming manner

Meaning of Corn-fed

corn-fed means: strong and healthy but not sophisticated

Meaning of Corn-fed

corn-fed means: fed on corn

Meaning of Corrida

corrida means: a Spanish or Portuguese or Latin American spectacle; a matador baits and (usually) kills a bull in an arena before many spectators

Meaning of Debris surge

debris surge means: the sudden spread of dust and debris from a collapsing building

Meaning of Hangover

hangover means: something that has survived from the past

Meaning of Hangover

hangover means: an official who remains in office after his term

Meaning of Hangover

hangover means: disagreeable aftereffects from the use of drugs (especially alcohol)

Meaning of Isospondyli

isospondyli means: most primitive teleost fishes; all are soft-finned: salmon; trout; herring; shad; sardines; anchovies; whitefish; smelts; tarpon

Meaning of Lethe

lethe means: (Greek mythology) a river in Hades; the souls of the dead had to drink from it, which made them forget all they had done and suffered when they were alive

Meaning of Oxidation state

oxidation state means: the degree of oxidation of an atom or ion or molecule; for simple atoms or ions the oxidation number is equal to the ionic charge

Meaning of Partnership certificate

partnership certificate means: a certificate showing the interests of all parties in a business partnership

Meaning of Pooecetes

pooecetes means: a genus of Fringillidae

Meaning of Pylon

pylon means: a large vertical steel tower supporting high-tension power lines

Meaning of Pylon

pylon means: a tower for guiding pilots or marking the turning point in a race

Meaning of Razz

razz means: a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt

Meaning of Razz

razz means: harass with persistent criticism or carping

Meaning of Regular convex solid

regular convex solid means: any one of five solids whose faces are congruent regular polygons and whose polyhedral angles are all congruent

Meaning of Relaxed

relaxed means: without strain or anxiety

Meaning of Sacculus

sacculus means: a small sac or pouch (especially the smaller chamber of the membranous labyrinth)

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