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Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Words, definitions, meanings and synonyms

Meaning of Bail bond

bail bond means: (criminal law) money that must be forfeited by the bondsman if an accused person fails to appear in court for trial

Meaning of Bakehouse

bakehouse means: a workplace where baked goods (breads and cakes and pastries) are produced or sold

Meaning of Beer can

beer can means: a can that holds beer

Meaning of Blue marlin

blue marlin means: largest marlin; may reach 2000 pounds; found worldwide in warm seas

Meaning of Disrobe

disrobe means: get undressed

Meaning of Eastern pipistrel

eastern pipistrel means: one of the smallest bats of eastern North America

Meaning of Facial index

facial index means: the ratio (in percent) of the maximum width to the maximum height of the face

Meaning of Handies peak

handies peak means: a mountain peak in the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado (14,048 feet high)

Meaning of Led

led means: diode such that light emitted at a p-n junction is proportional to the bias current; color depends on the material used

Meaning of Magnetic dipole moment

magnetic dipole moment means: (physics) a current loop gives rise to a magnetic field characteristic of a magnetic dipole

Meaning of Mousepad

mousepad means: a small portable pad that provides traction for the ball of a computer mouse

Meaning of Nitric acid

nitric acid means: acid used especially in the production of fertilizers and explosives and rocket fuels

Meaning of Nonstop flight

nonstop flight means: a flight made without intermediate stops between source and destination

Meaning of Oral

oral means: an examination conducted by spoken communication

Meaning of Oral

oral means: a stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated in the mouth; fixation at this stage is said to result in dependence, selfishness, and aggression

Meaning of Oral

oral means: of or involving the mouth or mouth region or the surface on which the mouth is located

Meaning of Oral

oral means: using speech rather than writing

Meaning of Oral

oral means: of or relating to or affecting or for use in the mouth

Meaning of Phenyltoloxamine

phenyltoloxamine means: antihistamine included in some preparations used to treat coughing and nasal congestion

Meaning of Portray

portray means: portray in words

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