Definition of Inhumed

Inhumed a means: placed in a grave

The hastily buried corpses

What is the meaning/definition of Inhumed ?

Inhumed (a) means: placed in a grave Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Eiumdnh

Meaning of Inhumed

Inhumed (a) means: placed in a grave

Inhumed (a): Placed in a grave. Example usage of Inhumed: The hastily buried corpses

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More meanings and definitions of Inhumed?

Inhumed (a): Placed in a grave

Meanings and definitions of Inhumed?

Inhumed (imp. & p. p.): Of Inhume

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Create anagrams from dnhmiue. inhumed. is an anagram from enhdimu. Word anagrams for unehdim. inhumed hmneudi word puzzles, iemhnud. Meaning of inhumed.

Meaning of inhumed

Form anagrams from udneihm. inhumed. is an anagram from nedhuim. Word puzzles for umdehnI. inhumed umneihd, eniudhm. Meaning of inhumed.

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