Definition of Abloom

Abloom s means: bursting into flower

Flowering spring trees

What is the meaning/definition of Abloom ?

Abloom (s) means: bursting into flower Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Boolam

Meaning of Abloom

Abloom (s) means: bursting into flower

Abloom (s): Bursting into flower. Example usage of Abloom: Flowering spring trees

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More meanings and definitions of Abloom?

Abloom (s): Bursting into flower

Meanings and definitions of Abloom?

Abloom (adv.): In or into bloom; in a blooming state.

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Create anagrams from alobom. abloom. is an anagram from bomaol. Word anagrams for bloaom. abloom blaomo word puzzles, obamol. Meaning of abloom.

Meaning of abloom

Form anagrams from omlaob. abloom. is an anagram from lmoboa. Word puzzles for mbooAl. abloom maoobl, lmboao. Meaning of abloom.

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