Definition of Genus oryx

Genus oryx n means: African antelopes: oryxes

What is the meaning/definition of Genus oryx ?

Genus oryx (n) means: African antelopes: oryxes Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Yxsoeurg n

Meaning of Genus oryx

Genus oryx (n) means: African antelopes: oryxes

Genus oryx (n): African antelopes: oryxes. Example usage of Genus oryx:

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Genus oryx (n): African antelopes: oryxes

Meanings and definitions of Genus oryx?

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Create anagrams from ogsryuenx . genus oryx. is an anagram from u nrsoyegx. Word anagrams for rgxuyso ne. genus oryx e ugysxonr word puzzles, xnegsuro y. Meaning of genus oryx.

Meaning of genus oryx

Form anagrams from rensg uoyx. genus oryx. is an anagram from gysnuxero. Word puzzles for nseoGr xuy. genus oryx oernsuxg y, ygsnr uxeo. Meaning of genus oryx.

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