Definition of Allay

Allay v means: satisfy (thirst)

The cold water quenched his thirst

What is the meaning/definition of Allay ?

Allay (v) means: satisfy (thirst) Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Alyal

Meaning of Allay

Allay (v) means: satisfy (thirst)

Allay (v): Satisfy (thirst). Example usage of Allay: The cold water quenched his thirst

Allay (v): Lessen the intensity of or calm. Example usage of Allay: The news eased my conscience|still the fears

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More meanings and definitions of Allay?

Allay (v): Lessen the intensity of or calm

Allay (v): Satisfy (thirst)

Meanings and definitions of Allay?

Allay (v. t.): To make quiet or put at rest; to pacify or appease; to quell; to calm; as, to allay popular excitement; to allay the tumult of the passions.

Allay (v. t.): To alleviate; to abate; to mitigate; as, to allay the severity of affliction or the bitterness of adversity.

Allay (v. t.): To diminish in strength; to abate; to subside.

Allay (n.): Alleviation; abatement; check.

Allay (n.): Alloy.

Allay (v. t.): To mix (metals); to mix with a baser metal; to alloy; to deteriorate.

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Create anagrams from ayall. allay. is an anagram from lyaal. Word anagrams for laaly. allay alayl word puzzles, llyaa. Meaning of allay.

Meaning of allay

Meaning of allayer

Form anagrams from aylal. allay. is an anagram from ylaal. Word puzzles for lAyla. allay alyal, allya. Meaning of allay.

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