Definition of Causative

Causative a means: producing an effect

Poverty as a causative factor in crime

What is the meaning/definition of Causative ?

Causative (a) means: producing an effect Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Etuiasvac

Meaning of Causative

Causative (a) means: producing an effect

Causative (a): Producing an effect. Example usage of Causative: Poverty as a causative factor in crime

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More meanings and definitions of Causative?

Causative (a): Producing an effect

Meanings and definitions of Causative?

Causative (a.): Effective, as a cause or agent; causing.

Causative (a.): Expressing a cause or reason; causal; as, the ablative is a causative case.

Causative (n.): A word which expresses or suggests a cause.

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Create anagrams from vcutaaeis. causative. is an anagram from ciautasve. Word anagrams for utaacveis. causative avcstiaue word puzzles, uatacvsei. Meaning of causative.

Meaning of causative

Form anagrams from tacesviau. causative. is an anagram from ciesvatau. Word puzzles for esvaiuCta. causative uasectaiv, eatisvacu. Meaning of causative.

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