Definition of Vajra

Vajra n means: Indra's thunderbolt

What is the meaning/definition of Vajra ?

Vajra (n) means: Indra's thunderbolt Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Jvaar

Meaning of Vajra

Vajra (n) means: Indra's thunderbolt

Vajra (n): Indra's thunderbolt. Example usage of Vajra:

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Vajra (n): Indra's thunderbolt

Meanings and definitions of Vajra?

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Create anagrams from ravaj. vajra. is an anagram from jaavr. Word anagrams for rajva. vajra varja word puzzles, aavjr. Meaning of vajra.

Meaning of vajra

Form anagrams from ajarv. vajra. is an anagram from arvja. Word puzzles for ajVar. vajra vjara, rajva. Meaning of vajra.

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