Definition of Avowedly

Avowedly r means: as acknowledged

True, she is the smartest in her class

What is the meaning/definition of Avowedly ?

Avowedly (r) means: as acknowledged Scrabble word finder or Anagrams of Wvydoael

Meaning of Avowedly

Avowedly (r) means: as acknowledged

Avowedly (r): As acknowledged. Example usage of Avowedly: True, she is the smartest in her class

Avowedly (r): By open declaration. Example usage of Avowedly: Their policy has been avowedly Marxist|Susan Smith

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More meanings and definitions of Avowedly?

Avowedly (r): By open declaration

Avowedly (r): As acknowledged

Meanings and definitions of Avowedly?

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Create anagrams from yodavwle. avowedly. is an anagram from ovwlydea. Word anagrams for evolawdy. avowedly yedowval word puzzles, alveodwy. Meaning of avowedly.

Meaning of avowedly

Form anagrams from adovwlye. avowedly. is an anagram from lydoveaw. Word puzzles for Awlodvye. avowedly vayewdol, yvleadow. Meaning of avowedly.

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