Words ending with ve

Meaning of Alaskan native

alaskan native means: a member or descendant of any of the aboriginal peoples of Alaska

Meaning of Alcove

alcove means: a small recess opening off a larger room

Meaning of Aleve

aleve means: a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trademarks Aleve and Anaprox and Aflaxen) that fights pain and inflammation

Meaning of Alimentative

alimentative means: related to the supply of aliment

Meaning of Alive

alive means: capable of erupting

Meaning of Alive

alive means: possessing life

Meaning of Alive

alive means: having life or vigor or spirit

Meaning of Alive

alive means: mentally perceptive and responsive

Meaning of Alive

alive means: (often followed by `with') full of life and spirit

Meaning of Alive

alive means: in operation

Meaning of Abo system

abo system means: a classification system for the antigens of human blood; used in blood transfusion therapy; four groups are A and B and AB and O

Meaning of Adrenocorticotropin

adrenocorticotropin means: a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland that stimulates the adrenal cortex

Meaning of Appreciated

appreciated means: fully understood or grasped

Meaning of Bell arch

bell arch means: a round arch resting on corbels

Meaning of Bowelless

bowelless means: ruthless in competition

Meaning of Carissa bispinosa

carissa bispinosa means: South African shrub having forked spines and plumlike fruit; frequently used as hedging

Meaning of Cellulose nitrate

cellulose nitrate means: a nitric acid ester; used in lacquers and explosives

Meaning of Desalination

desalination means: the removal of salt (especially from sea water)

Meaning of Douche

douche means: irrigation with a jet of water or medicated solution into or around a body part (especially the vagina) to treat infections or cleanse from odorous contents

Meaning of Douche

douche means: a small syringe with detachable nozzles; used for vaginal lavage and enemas

Meaning of Douche

douche means: direct a spray of water into a bodily cavity, for cleaning

Meaning of Front-porch campaigning

front-porch campaigning means: a campaign in which the candidate makes speeches but does not travel

Meaning of Gibraltarian

gibraltarian means: a native or inhabitant of Gibraltar

Meaning of Gibraltarian

gibraltarian means: of or relating to Gibraltar or its inhabitants

Meaning of Harpers ferry

harpers ferry means: a small town in northeastern West Virginia that was the site of a raid in 1859 by the abolitionist John Brown and his followers who captured an arsenal that was located there

Meaning of Homonymous

homonymous means: of or related to or being homonyms

Meaning of Kvass

kvass means: fermented beverage resembling beer but made from rye or barley

Meaning of Marqueterie

marqueterie means: inlaid veneers are fitted together to form a design or picture that is then used to ornament furniture

Meaning of Orchestral

orchestral means: relating to or composed for an orchestra

Meaning of Pharmacokinetics

pharmacokinetics means: the study of the action of drugs in the body: method and rate of excretion; duration of effect; etc.

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