Words ending with rooding

Meaning of Brooding

brooding means: persistent morbid meditation on a problem

Meaning of Brooding

brooding means: sitting on eggs so as to hatch them by the warmth of the body

Meaning of Brooding

brooding means: deeply or seriously thoughtful

Meaning of Anatomically

anatomically means: with respect to anatomy

Meaning of Belted

belted means: having or provided with a belt

Meaning of Butterwort

butterwort means: any of numerous carnivorous bog plants of the genus Pinguicula having showy purple or yellow or white flowers and a rosette of basal leaves coated with a sticky secretion to trap small insects

Meaning of Chuckwalla

chuckwalla means: a herbivorous lizard that lives among rocks in the arid parts of southwestern United States and Mexico

Meaning of Clanger

clanger means: a conspicuous mistake whose effects seem to reverberate

Meaning of Cockatoo

cockatoo means: white or light-colored crested parrot of the Australian region; often kept as cage birds

Meaning of Committal to writing

committal to writing means: the activity of putting something in written form

Meaning of Croix de guerre

croix de guerre means: a French military decoration for gallantry

Meaning of Electron beam

electron beam means: a group of nearly parallel lines of electromagnetic radiation

Meaning of Facilitate

facilitate means: make easier

Meaning of Facilitate

facilitate means: increase the likelihood of (a response)

Meaning of Facilitate

facilitate means: be of use

Meaning of Haricot vert

haricot vert means: very small and slender green bean

Meaning of Homeopathy

homeopathy means: a method of treating disease with small amounts of remedies that, in large amounts in healthy people, produce symptoms similar to those being treated

Meaning of Manger

manger means: a container (usually in a barn or stable) from which cattle or horses feed

Meaning of Meshwork

meshwork means: an open fabric of string or rope or wire woven together at regular intervals

Meaning of Opium poppy

opium poppy means: southwestern Asian herb with greyish leaves and white or reddish flowers; source of opium

Meaning of Rust-resistant

rust-resistant means: resistant to rust

Meaning of Shelf bracket

shelf bracket means: a bracket to support a shelf

Meaning of Stunted

stunted means: inferior in size or quality

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