Words ending with otion

Meaning of After-shave lotion

after-shave lotion means: a fragrant lotion for a man's face after shaving

Meaning of Apparent motion

apparent motion means: an optical illusion of motion produced by viewing a rapid succession of still pictures of a moving object

Meaning of Axial motion

axial motion means: rotary motion of an object around its own axis

Meaning of Black lotion

black lotion means: a mixture of calomel and limewater that is used on syphilitic sores

Meaning of Body lotion

body lotion means: lotion applied to the body after bathing

Meaning of Brownian motion

brownian motion means: the random motion of small particles suspended in a gas or liquid

Meaning of Calamine lotion

calamine lotion means: a lotion consisting of a liquid preparation containing calamine; used to treat itching or mild skin irritations

Meaning of Commotion

commotion means: the act of making a noisy disturbance

Meaning of Commotion

commotion means: confused movement

Meaning of Commotion

commotion means: a disorderly outburst or tumult

Meaning of Biological time

biological time means: the time of various biological processes

Meaning of Cytoplast

cytoplast means: the intact cytoplasmic content of a cell

Meaning of East coast

east coast means: the eastern seaboard of the United States (especially the strip between Boston and Washington D.C.)

Meaning of Fugacious

fugacious means: lasting a very short time

Meaning of Genus mohria

genus mohria means: African terrestrial ferns

Meaning of Irritable bowel syndrome

irritable bowel syndrome means: recurrent abdominal pain and diarrhea (often alternating with periods of constipation); often associated with emotional stress

Meaning of Kindled

kindled means: set afire

Meaning of Lexicostatistic

lexicostatistic means: pertaining to statistical methods used in studying the relations between languages

Meaning of Licensing fee

licensing fee means: a fee paid to the government for the privilege of being licensed to do something (as selling liquor or practicing medicine)

Meaning of Like clockwork

like clockwork means: with regularity and precision

Meaning of Loving

loving means: feeling or showing love and affection

Meaning of Mental exhaustion

mental exhaustion means: exhaustion that affects mental keenness

Meaning of Nosohusial

nosohusial means: taking place related or acquired under home healthcare

Meaning of Omelette

omelette means: beaten eggs or an egg mixture cooked until just set; may be folded around e.g. ham or cheese or jelly

Meaning of Progestin

progestin means: any of a group of steroid hormones that have the effect of progesterone

Meaning of Sherbet

sherbet means: a frozen dessert made primarily of fruit juice and sugar, but also containing milk or egg-white or gelatin

Meaning of Thunder

thunder means: street names for heroin

Meaning of Thunder

thunder means: a deep prolonged loud noise

Meaning of Thunder

thunder means: a booming or crashing noise caused by air expanding along the path of a bolt of lightning

Meaning of Thunder

thunder means: utter words loudly and forcefully

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