Words ending with malwear

Meaning of Formalwear

formalwear means: attire to wear on formal occasions in the evening

Meaning of Amalgam

amalgam means: a combination or blend of diverse things

Meaning of Amalgam

amalgam means: an alloy of mercury with another metal (usually silver) used by dentists to fill cavities in teeth; except for iron and platinum all metals dissolve in mercury and chemists refer to the resulting mercury mixtures as amalgams

Meaning of Bachelor of medicine

bachelor of medicine means: (a British degree) a bachelor's degree in medicine

Meaning of Backflow

backflow means: a flow that returns toward its source

Meaning of Chemistry department

chemistry department means: the academic department responsible for teaching and research in chemistry

Meaning of Compactly

compactly means: taking up no more space than necessary

Meaning of Compactly

compactly means: with concise and precise brevity; to the point

Meaning of Compactly

compactly means: in a compact manner or state

Meaning of Diehard

diehard means: one who adheres to traditional views

Meaning of Fer-de-lance

fer-de-lance means: large extremely venomous pit viper of Central America and South America

Meaning of Futures contract

futures contract means: an agreement to buy or sell a specific amount of a commodity or financial instrument at a particular price on a stipulated future date; the contract can be sold before the settlement date

Meaning of Giant northwest shipworm

giant northwest shipworm means: giant shipworm of the Pacific coast of North America

Meaning of Half nelson

half nelson means: a wrestling hold in which the holder puts an arm under the opponent's arm and exerts pressure on the back of the neck

Meaning of Hooklike

hooklike means: having or resembling a hook (especially in the ability to grasp and hold)

Meaning of Ionophoresis

ionophoresis means: the motion of charged particles in a colloid under the influence of an electric field; particles with a positive charge go to the cathode and negative to the anode

Meaning of Louis harold gray

louis harold gray means: English radiobiologist in whose honor the gray (the SI unit of energy for the absorbed dose of radiation) was named (1905-1965)

Meaning of Macedonian

macedonian means: the Slavic language of modern Macedonia

Meaning of Macedonian

macedonian means: a native or inhabitant of Macedon

Meaning of Macedonian

macedonian means: of or relating to Macedonia or its inhabitants

Meaning of Manipulable

manipulable means: easily managed (controlled or taught or molded)

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