Words ending with luorouracil

Meaning of Fluorouracil

fluorouracil means: an antimetabolite used to treat certain cancers

Meaning of Accumulate

accumulate means: collect or gather

Meaning of Accumulate

accumulate means: get or gather together

Meaning of Barytic

barytic means: of or relating to or containing baryta

Meaning of Cakewalk

cakewalk means: an easy accomplishment

Meaning of Cakewalk

cakewalk means: a strutting dance based on a march; was performed in minstrel shows; originated as a competition among Black dancers to win a cake

Meaning of Cakewalk

cakewalk means: perform the cakewalk dance

Meaning of Canyon treefrog

canyon treefrog means: a small chiefly ground dweller that stays within easy jumping distance of water; of United States southwest and northern Mexico

Meaning of Comte de mirabeau

comte de mirabeau means: French revolutionary who was prominent in the early days of the French Revolution (1749-1791)

Meaning of European nut pine

european nut pine means: medium-sized two-needled pine of southern Europe having a spreading crown; widely cultivated for its sweet seeds that resemble almonds

Meaning of Framboesia

framboesia means: an infectious tropical disease resembling syphilis in its early stages; marked by red skin eruptions and ulcerating lesions

Meaning of Genus campephilus

genus campephilus means: a genus of Picidae

Meaning of Hereabouts

hereabouts means: in this general vicinity

Meaning of Humboldt current

humboldt current means: a cold ocean current that flows north along the Pacific Coast of South America before turning west

Meaning of Musgu

musgu means: a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad

Meaning of Pea

pea means: seed of a pea plant used for food

Meaning of Pea

pea means: a leguminous plant of the genus Pisum with small white flowers and long green pods containing edible green seeds

Meaning of Pea

pea means: the fruit or seed of a pea plant

Meaning of Pronounceable

pronounceable means: capable of being uttered or pronounced

Meaning of Stinkbird

stinkbird means: crested ill-smelling South American bird whose young have claws on the first and second digits of the wings

Meaning of Teamster

teamster means: someone who drives a truck as an occupation

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