Words ending with lozenge

Meaning of Lozenge

lozenge means: a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet

Meaning of Lozenge

lozenge means: a small aromatic or medicated candy

Meaning of Alpine clover

alpine clover means: European mountain clover with fragrant usually pink flowers

Meaning of Chartered accountant

chartered accountant means: a British or Canadian accountant who is a member of a professional body that has a royal charter

Meaning of Class-action suit

class-action suit means: a lawsuit brought by a representative member of a large group of people on behalf of all members of the group

Meaning of Curbstone

curbstone means: a paving stone forming part of a curb

Meaning of Eagre

eagre means: a high wave (often dangerous) caused by tidal flow (as by colliding tidal currents or in a narrow estuary)

Meaning of Excursion

excursion means: wandering from the main path of a journey

Meaning of Excursion

excursion means: a journey taken for pleasure

Meaning of Expediency

expediency means: the quality of being suited to the end in view

Meaning of First gear

first gear means: the lowest forward gear ratio in the gear box of a motor vehicle; used to start a car moving

Meaning of Forgo

forgo means: lose (s.th.) or lose the right to (s.th.) by some error, offense, or crime

Meaning of Forgo

forgo means: do without or cease to hold or adhere to

Meaning of Forgo

forgo means: be earlier in time; go back further

Meaning of Hogarth

hogarth means: English artist noted for a series of engravings that satirized the affectations of his time (1697-1764)

Meaning of Insect repellent

insect repellent means: a chemical substance that repels insects

Meaning of Lavishness

lavishness means: excessive spending

Meaning of Lavishness

lavishness means: the quality possessed by something that is excessively expensive

Meaning of Musical genre

musical genre means: an expressive style of music

Meaning of Order rodentia

order rodentia means: small gnawing animals: porcupines; rats; mice; squirrels; marmots; beavers; gophers; voles; hamsters; guinea pigs; agoutis

Meaning of Overdramatize

overdramatize means: present in an overly dramatic manner

Meaning of Perognathus flavescens

perognathus flavescens means: small rodent of open areas of United States plains states

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