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Meaning of Al-haytham

al-haytham means: an Egyptian polymath (born in Iraq) whose research in geometry and optics was influential into the 17th century; established experiments as the norm of proof in physics (died in 1040)

Meaning of Allgood

allgood means: European plant naturalized in North America; often collected from the wild as a potherb

Meaning of Alloy cast iron

alloy cast iron means: cast iron containing alloying elements (usually nickel or chromium or copper or molybdenum) to increase the strength or facilitate heat treatment

Meaning of Basidiomycete

basidiomycete means: any of various fungi of the subdivision Basidiomycota

Meaning of Bluish-gray

bluish-gray means: of grey tinged with blue

Meaning of California sage

california sage means: low ashy-grey California shrub

Meaning of Developmental

developmental means: of or relating to or constituting development

Meaning of European sea eagle

european sea eagle means: bulky greyish-brown eagle with a short wedge-shaped white tail; of Europe and Greenland

Meaning of First baron tennyson

first baron tennyson means: Englishman and Victorian poet (1809-1892)

Meaning of Gesneriad

gesneriad means: any of numerous tropical or subtropical small shrubs or treelets or epiphytic vines of the family Gesneriaceae: African violet; Cape primroses; gloxinia

Meaning of Grimoire

grimoire means: a manual of black magic (for invoking spirits and demons)

Meaning of Lorchel

lorchel means: a large fungus of the family Helvellaceae

Meaning of Monocotyledones

monocotyledones means: comprising seed plants that produce an embryo with a single cotyledon and parallel-veined leaves: includes grasses and lilies and palms and orchids; divided into four subclasses or superorders: Alismatidae; Arecidae; Commelinidae; and Liliidae

Meaning of Monozygotic twin

monozygotic twin means: either of two twins developed from the same fertilized ovum (having the same genetic material)

Meaning of Omentum

omentum means: a fold of peritoneum supporting the viscera

Meaning of Order pleuronectiformes

order pleuronectiformes means: flatfishes: halibut; sole; flounder; plaice; turbot; tonguefishes

Meaning of Rudaceous rock

rudaceous rock means: a sedimentary rock formed of coarse-grained material

Meaning of Silk cotton

silk cotton means: a plant fiber from the kapok tree; used for stuffing and insulation

Meaning of Sport utility

sport utility means: a high-performance four-wheel drive car built on a truck chassis

Meaning of Tweediness

tweediness means: an informal, homely, outdoor look characteristic of those who wear tweeds

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