Words ending with ljudged

Meaning of Aground

aground means: stuck in a place where a ship can no longer float

Meaning of Aground

aground means: with the bottom lodged on the ground

Meaning of Book of joel

book of joel means: an Old Testament book telling Joel's prophecies

Meaning of Burbage

burbage means: English actor who was the first to play the leading role in several of Shakespeare's tragedies (1567-1619)

Meaning of Carboxylic

carboxylic means: relating to or containing the carboxyl group or carboxyl radical

Meaning of Cock-and-bull story

cock-and-bull story means: an interesting but highly implausible story; often told as an excuse

Meaning of Dynamite

dynamite means: an explosive containing nitrate sensitized with nitroglycerin absorbed on wood pulp

Meaning of Dynamite

dynamite means: blow up with dynamite

Meaning of Family oedogoniaceae

family oedogoniaceae means: filamentous green algae

Meaning of Genus thamnophis

genus thamnophis means: garter snakes

Meaning of Leging

leging means: a garment covering the leg (usually extending from the knee to the ankle)

Meaning of Low-warp-loom

low-warp-loom means: a handloom in which the warp is carried horizontally; for weaving tapestry

Meaning of Michaelmastide

michaelmastide means: the season of Michaelmas

Meaning of Nonarbitrary

nonarbitrary means: not subject to individual determination

Meaning of Precious metal

precious metal means: any of the less common and valuable metals often used to make coins or jewelry

Meaning of Revitalisation

revitalisation means: bringing again into activity and prominence

Meaning of Speech day

speech day means: an annual day in the schools when speeches are made and prizes are distributed

Meaning of Stegosaur

stegosaur means: herbivorous ornithischian dinosaur with a row of bony plates along its back and a spiked tail probably used as a weapon

Meaning of Tortured

tortured means: experiencing intense pain especially mental pain

Meaning of Tribe bambuseae

tribe bambuseae means: bamboos

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