Words ending with k

Meaning of 1st baron beaverbrook

1st baron beaverbrook means: British newspaper publisher and politician (born in Canada); confidant of Winston Churchill (1879-1964)

Meaning of 401-k

401-k means: a retirement savings plan that is funded by employee contributions and (often) matching contributions from the employer; contributions are made from your salary before taxes and the funds grow tax-free until they are withdrawn, at which point they can be converted into an IRA; funds can be transferred if you change employers and you can (to some extent) manage the investments yourself

Meaning of A-ok

a-ok means: in perfect condition or order

Meaning of Aardvark

aardvark means: nocturnal burrowing mammal of the grasslands of Africa that feeds on termites; sole extant representative of the order Tubulidentata

Meaning of Aback

aback means: by surprise

Meaning of Aback

aback means: having the wind against the forward side of the sails

Meaning of Abelmosk

abelmosk means: bushy herb of tropical Asia grown for its yellow or pink to scarlet blooms that resemble the hibiscus

Meaning of Acadia national park

acadia national park means: a national park in Maine showing marine erosion and glaciation; includes seashore and also the highest point on the Atlantic coast

Meaning of Accent mark

accent mark means: a diacritical mark used to indicate stress or placed above a vowel to indicate a special pronunciation

Meaning of Account book

account book means: a record in which commercial accounts are recorded

Meaning of Afferent nerve

afferent nerve means: a nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system

Meaning of Base metal

base metal means: a metal that is common and not considered precious

Meaning of Be well

be well means: be healthy; feel good

Meaning of Chickpea plant

chickpea plant means: Asiatic herb cultivated for its short pods with one or two edible seeds

Meaning of Chimborazo

chimborazo means: a mountain peak in the Andes in Ecuador (20,560 feet high)

Meaning of Dixiecrats

dixiecrats means: a former political party in the United States; formed in 1948 by Democrats from southern states in order to oppose to the candidacy of Harry S Truman

Meaning of Dl

dl means: a metric unit of volume equal to one tenth of a liter

Meaning of Duckbill

duckbill means: small densely furred aquatic monotreme of Australia and Tasmania having a broad bill and tail and webbed feet; only species in the family Ornithorhynchidae

Meaning of Duckbill

duckbill means: primitive fish of the Mississippi valley having a long paddle-shaped snout

Meaning of Duckbill

duckbill means: having a beak resembling that of a duck

Meaning of Dwarf daisy

dwarf daisy means: tiny grey woolly tufted annual with small golden-yellow flower heads; southeastern California to northwestern Arizona and southwestern Utah; sometimes placed in genus Eriophyllum

Meaning of Genus megachile

genus megachile means: type genus of the Megachilidae: leaf-cutting bees

Meaning of Hewer

hewer means: a person who hews

Meaning of Jesuitry

jesuitry means: the theology or the practices of the Jesuits (often considered to be casuistic)

Meaning of Lockup

lockup means: the act of locking something up to protect it

Meaning of Lockup

lockup means: jail in a local police station

Meaning of Marshall plan

marshall plan means: a United States program of economic aid for the reconstruction of Europe (1948-1952); named after George Marshall

Meaning of Mucky

mucky means: dirty and messy; covered with mud or muck

Meaning of Mucky

mucky means: (of soil) soft and watery

Meaning of Pearl sago

pearl sago means: sago ground into small round grains

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