Words ending with istata

Meaning of Cariama cristata

cariama cristata means: Brazilian Cariama; sole representative of the genus Cariama

Meaning of Celosia argentea cristata

celosia argentea cristata means: garden annual with featherlike spikes of red or yellow flowers

Meaning of Celosia cristata

celosia cristata means: garden annual with featherlike spikes of red or yellow flowers

Meaning of Condylura cristata

condylura cristata means: amphibious mole of eastern North America having pink fleshy tentacles around the nose

Meaning of Cyanocitta cristata

cyanocitta cristata means: common jay of eastern North America; bright blue with grey breast

Meaning of Cystophora cristata

cystophora cristata means: medium-sized blackish-grey seal with large inflatable sac on the head; of Arctic and northern Atlantic waters

Meaning of Iris cristata

iris cristata means: low-growing summer-flowering iris of northeastern United States

Meaning of Pinus aristata

pinus aristata means: small slow-growing upland pine of western United States (Rocky Mountains) having dense branches with fissured rust-brown bark and short needles in bunches of 5 and thorn-tipped cone scales; among the oldest living things some over 4500 years old

Meaning of Proteles cristata

proteles cristata means: striped hyena of southeast Africa that feeds chiefly on insects

Meaning of Scartella cristata

scartella cristata means: inhabits both coasts of tropical Atlantic

Meaning of Breathlessly

breathlessly means: in a breathless manner

Meaning of Capacitive

capacitive means: of or relating to capacitance

Meaning of Countryfolk

countryfolk means: people raised in or living in a rural environment; rustics

Meaning of Countryfolk

countryfolk means: people living in the same country; compatriots

Meaning of Cretinism

cretinism means: severe hypothyroidism resulting in physical and mental stunting

Meaning of Disencumber

disencumber means: release from entanglement of difficulty

Meaning of Eremitical

eremitical means: characterized by ascetic solitude

Meaning of Eremitical

eremitical means: of or relating to or befitting eremites or their practices of hermitic living

Meaning of First-rater

first-rater means: one who is first-rate

Meaning of Fresnel lens

fresnel lens means: lens composed of a number of small lenses arranged to make a lightweight lens of large diameter and short focal length

Meaning of Genus notechis

genus notechis means: tiger snakes

Meaning of Icaco

icaco means: plum-shaped whitish to almost black fruit used for preserves; tropical American

Meaning of Icaco

icaco means: small tropical American tree bearing edible plumlike fruit

Meaning of Indian buffalo

indian buffalo means: upland buffalo of eastern Asia where true water buffaloes do not thrive; used for draft and milk

Meaning of Kapok

kapok means: massive tropical tree with deep ridges on its massive trunk and bearing large pods of seeds covered with silky floss; source of the silky kapok fiber

Meaning of Kapok

kapok means: a plant fiber from the kapok tree; used for stuffing and insulation

Meaning of Maikoa

maikoa means: a South American plant that is cultivated for its large fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers

Meaning of Miller's-thumb

miller's-thumb means: small freshwater sculpin of Europe and North America

Meaning of Natural shape

natural shape means: a shape created by natural forces; not man-made

Meaning of Near gale

near gale means: wind moving 32-38 knots; 7 on the Beaufort scale

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