Words ending with ime

Meaning of Access time

access time means: (computer science) the interval between the time data is requested by the system and the time the data is provided by the drive

Meaning of Against time

against time means: as fast as possible; before a deadline

Meaning of Ahead of time

ahead of time means: before the usual time or the time expected

Meaning of Alaska standard time

alaska standard time means: standard time in the 9th time zone west of Greenwich, reckoned at the 135th meridian west; used in Hawaii and most of Alaska

Meaning of Algerian centime

algerian centime means: 100 centimes equal 1 dinar in Algeria

Meaning of All the time

all the time means: without respite

Meaning of All-time

all-time means: unsurpassed in some respect up to the present

Meaning of American brooklime

american brooklime means: plant of western North America and northeastern Asia having prostrate stems with dense racemes of pale violet to lilac flowers

Meaning of American lime

american lime means: large American shade tree with large dark green leaves and rounded crown

Meaning of Ancien regime

ancien regime means: a political and social system that no longer governs (especially the system that existed in France before the French Revolution)

Meaning of Breach of duty

breach of duty means: a breach of due care

Meaning of Butterfish

butterfish means: slippery scaleless food fish of the northern Atlantic coastal waters

Meaning of Butterfish

butterfish means: small marine fish with a short compressed body and feeble spines

Meaning of Butterfish

butterfish means: any of numerous small flat Atlantic food fish having smooth skin

Meaning of Class scaphopoda

class scaphopoda means: small class of bilaterally symmetrical marine forms comprising the tooth shells

Meaning of Coprinus

coprinus means: genus of black-spotted agarics in which the cap breaks down at maturity into an inky fluid; sometimes placed in its own family Coprinaceae

Meaning of Cormous plant

cormous plant means: plant growing from a corm

Meaning of Dakoity

dakoity means: robbery by a gang of armed dacoits

Meaning of Decigram

decigram means: 1/10 gram

Meaning of Dully

dully means: without liveliness

Meaning of Dully

dully means: without luster or shine

Meaning of Factor of proportionality

factor of proportionality means: the constant value of the ratio of two proportional quantities x and y; usually written y = kx, where k is the factor of proportionality

Meaning of Gasoline

gasoline means: a volatile flammable mixture of hydrocarbons (hexane and heptane and octane etc.) derived from petroleum; used mainly as a fuel in internal-combustion engines

Meaning of Genus hydrodamalis

genus hydrodamalis means: a genus of the family Dugongidae comprising only Steller's sea cow

Meaning of Gnawing mammal

gnawing mammal means: relative large gnawing animals; distinguished from rodents by having two pairs of upper incisors specialized for gnawing

Meaning of Hammer

hammer means: the act of pounding (delivering repeated heavy blows)

Meaning of Hammer

hammer means: a hand tool with a heavy rigid head and a handle; used to deliver an impulsive force by striking

Meaning of Hammer

hammer means: a power tool for drilling rocks

Meaning of Hammer

hammer means: a striker that is covered in felt and that causes the piano strings to vibrate

Meaning of Hammer

hammer means: the part of a gunlock that strikes the percussion cap when the trigger is pulled

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